31 January 2011

If i never see another hockey puck again.....

that might be okay..

Wow, this weekend was so much fun and needless to say ALOT of hockey was played! Our team didn't make it to the finals but they still did good and looked great! Such a blast! I am so looking forward to doing it again for Pond Hockey!

My parents stayed here with the boys while Chris and i went up and stayed in a hotel with some friends, the games started on Friday afternoon with our first game being at 4pm, which we lost but Chris did score our first goal {yay babe!} The second game i missed because i was at the baby shower but they won that one! Anyways a great weekend with great friends and the best sport ever {if you ask my husband anyways...} *smiles*

{Jill & I}


I can 't wait to share photos of the baby shower, oh my heavens it was beautiful! I have some seriously amazing friends! I don't have the photos yet but i will share as soon as i do! The cake turned out WAY better than i had ever imagined and everyone loved it {yay me!} The quilt was also a HUGE hit and turned out so adorable! Not only is it super cute but i love that everyone designed their own square so it also has a great story behind it! I voted we make it our "thing" to do whenever anyone has a baby! You will love it when i you see it, i promise!

27 January 2011

Jetty Rae

This girl is seriously amazing! Check out her website here or on Facebook

Before & After ~ The house i grew up in.....


Okay so i didn't spend my whole childhood here, or in any one place for that matter, however i did live here breifly as a little girl... It looks exactly like i remember it, however since it have been 20yrs i am thinking it looked a little better back then!


For lack of a better title because it is in fact Thursday.



How did that happen so fast? I swear i just got home yesterday and already the week has flown by! Today will be a pretty busy day, i have to get the house ready for the weekend {details in a moment} finish up getting things ready for a brunch/baby shower this weekend, and laundry!
So this weekend, Chris has a tournament up north and we have to leave here tomorrow at 1 and he won't be back until either Saturday night or Sunday, My amazing parents are coming to stay with the boys so that i can be there to cheer Chris on! The plan for me is to stay the night on Friday but i have to be up and on the road back here super early! The brunch is at 10am way back down here {okay it's really only like an hour drive but still...} So i will rush home and get ready and head over there and turn around and go back up north... i think it will work!

My part for the shower is the cake which i am really hoping turns out like what i have in my head! I am doing a 3 layer cake then i am going to use lavender frosting and do green piping for vines all over it then add purple flowers... It looks so pretty in my head! *smiles* Then between another sweet friend and myself we came up with the idea to do a quilt together for our dear friend who is having her 3rd girl! Being that Kelly is the fabric queen {seriously she is..} She went through all her goodies and came up with several different types of purple fabrics and she will have those cut and ready, i am in charge of the decorating part so i have been busy busy this week, i made a bunch of the fabric flowers that i think are SO adorable, and way easier to make than i thought they would be! I suspect there will be alot more of those made in my future crafting! I also made some out of felt that are seriously adorable, I promise pictures are to come! I also have some ribbon and assorted buttons and more plans for the felt, cupcakes, owls, more flowers? I am open to ideas on this one!

So on top of all of that {i have to make the cake today so i can decorate it tomorrow} I have been sewing like mad, i am finished with 2 out of my 3 pay it forward crafts and my Valentines craft swap gift which i love so much i seriously want to keep for myself, or at least make an exact replica! I don't want to give too much away though, i want it to be a surprise for everyone! I'll share photos with you as soon as i am sure that everyone got their goodies! I also finished up a set of four burp cloths, a diaper & wipes case for a friend and a handful of little things that needed to be fixed.

Alright i have nearly finished my coffee and i do believe i have caught you up on my life! Have a great weekend everyone! I know i will!

*There will be no Photoshoot Friday this week, but we will definitely be back next week and i hope to see ALL of you here!

25 January 2011

Hi :)

Well hello dear friends,

One thing i always share with you all is how much i love this blog and how blessed i feel to have so many awesome readers and friends. I wish i could post everyday but sometimes life just gets in the way, something like the last 5 days... I had an AMAZING weekend downstate with my sister and mom. We spent hours laughing and i loved every second of it. My mom and i were supposed to head back up on Saturday afternoon but there was a 50 car pile up and the free way was actually closed off so of course we stayed down and extra night. Turns out that was a really good idea! Sunday morning the sky was blue and the roads were clear but you could see every couple miles where people had gone off the road..

Anyways the last couple days were spent with my sweet boys and i enjoyed every second of that too :)

So updates on life, today i went next door to check out the house that our landlords are fixing up after the tenets left it kind of a mess.. We have some friends that will be looking for a place in the next few months and we are really hoping they can be our neighbors! Seeing what they have done over there made me think of what i would like to do over here and aside from some more painting there is really only one thing that i would like to change, there is a wall between our dining room and kitchen that i would love to tear halfway down and make a bar like area so people could still be in the dining room and living room while being able to chat with me "the chef",, maybe this will never happen but if it did......

I like these modern bar stools

Which do you think?

20 January 2011

Photoshoot Friday

I know i am a little early on the draw here but in about an hour i will be on the road with my mom and on my way downstate to spend 2 days with my sister {so excited!} The boys will be here at home with daddy while this momma gets some much needed away time! I plan on having a fantastic weekend and taking tons of photos so watch out for those! I did cheat and use a picture from a couple weeks ago for my photoshoot photo, but it is also my most absolute favorite right now so i wanted to share it with you again!

Last week we didn't get as many people playing along so this week i am hoping for more! All of your shots were fabulous and beautiful! Here are just a couple of my favorites from last week

Tara from Our Journey

Mandy from A Sorta Fairytale

My beautiful boy and I <3
Have a great weekend everyone, i can't wait to see what you have for me!

a beautiful life

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18 January 2011

Dear Mod Podge,

I love you.

I have been wanting to give this stuff a try for a while now after seeing all the amazingness that other people have done with it but i just couldn't convince myself to spend the $8 for it... Well, today i went to Joanne Fabrics to get some goodies for the Valentines gift swap that i am super excited to be a part of and found everything i needed plus some but it was all on sale, which left me with a 50% off coupon and nothing to spend it on, until i got to the checkout and saw the mod podge and decided to just go for it! So I picked up some awesome paper and i already had letters for the boy's room {Thanks Robin :)} so today during naptime i went to town and i have to say,


I am so happy with how they turned out and i can't wait to hang them up! I'll take a couple photos tomorrow and show you, the boys are already in bed or i would do it now! I have some great wall are planned for our bedroom all i need to do is make a quick trip to the dollar store, but i promise to share as soon as i finish!

What kind of things do you do with this stuff? Please share, i need more fun ideas!



17 January 2011

Keeping it Simple Silhouette Giveaway

Keeping it simple is doing an amazing giveaway right now, a silhouette digital craft cutter, these things are amazing and i want one! Preferably one that i can win :) Make sure you go checkout the giveaway and maybe get a few amazing ideas while you are over there!

Keeping It Simple

Winter wonderland from a different view

I am linking this {super adorable} photo up with I heart faces winter wonderland challenge and the paper mama's a different view challenge.

Happy Monday everyone!

The Paper Mama

14 January 2011

I am awesome.

I used a staple gun and no one was injured.


When we moved into this adorable little house i was 8months pregnant with Kiah, so it has been a while.... A friend gave me this great little table set for the kitchen, See below...

If you didn't notice the cushions are white.

And i have two boys...

They weren't white anymore....

I had attempted to cover them before by taking the fabric off of two chair cushions that my mother in law had given me but because i didn't measure and i am not smart the fabric was too small and left about 3inches in the front uncovered... only a problem when the chairs weren't pushed in.....

But now, they are covered in a pretty new fabric that matches the kitchen perfectly! I will have to get a photo of them sometime this year...

Hope everyone had a great Friday! Ours was busy shopping for some goodies to wear to an 80's theme party Chris and i are attending tomorrow! Don't you worry there WILL BE photos to document that! And if you leave me more pretty comments i will share ;)

Don't forget to link up to Photoshoot Friday! The linky will be open until Tuesday and i won't tell if you don't take the pictures until Monday.... *smiles*

Have a great weekend everyone!

13 January 2011

Photoshoot Friday

Welcome back everyone! Last week was so great! There were more entries than i had anticipated and that really made my week! I am thrilled with the response and looking forward to even more entries this week!

Here are some of my favorites from last week

Mandy from A Sorta Fairytale

Maria at Flat Yeast Bread

Thank you to everyone who entered! I can't wait to see what you have this week!

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Before & After

The Edit
This is a similar photo that i used on Tuesday, same building but different photo.. I am learning so much as far as editing goes, i know i have a LONG way to go to be at level that some of these amazing photographers are if i ever even reach that point. However i am so happy with what i am able to accomplish at this point.
Have a great Thursday everyone and be sure to come back tomorrow for week two of Photoshoot Friday! I will be posting my favorites from last week...

12 January 2011

Wordless{ish} Wednesday ~ We like the ice......

I know it might seem like i am posting the same photos over and over again but i promise these are all new ones! We live right behind out towns winter sports park and being that Chris is a hockey player and LOVES it Zeke has to be out on the ice all the time so he become an amazing skater and go on to play for the red wings...yes? Okay maybe not that last part but we do spend alot of time there. We have a great little trail that makes it so easy to just walk down there and have a great winter day on the ice.

I am linking up with the paper mama on this one, go check some other fun Wednesdays!

365 / Days 9-12

Shutter Love Tuesday Bubbles

The Trendy Treehouse

Touch Up Tuesday

The Edit

I used photoscape to edit, i actually started with sepia and used black vignetting and used the antiquing tool to give it some more texture. I also cropped a little to hide the house in the background. I am really trying to work on taking photos of more than just my kids, as much as i love them i want to learn to capture other things.. So here you go! Please tell me what you think and don't forget to stop back on Friday and link up to Photoshoot Friday!
For now go check out some more great touch ups over at the paper heart camera

Touch Up Tuesday's at the Paper Mama

Manic Monday ~ 17 stitches anyone?

It is not really Wednesday morning already is it? No way... oh my heavens it is...

Well how about we just pretend that right now in this little moment that it is in fact Monday and do a little manic monday post, after my Monday was SO MANIC that i didn't get a chance to post... So onto the story,

If you read my blog at all you probably know that my husband is a hockey player, if you didn't know that well then here it is, my husband is a hockey player. It is his passion and i try to support it every way i can.. So, Sunday night he had a game {he plays in men's league} at 10pm and it was just a little late so i decided to skip just this one game, i have only missed like 2 games all season and that was because i had the flu, so i am sitting on the couch at home the kids tucked nicely away in their beds and i am catching up on some shows that have been stored on the dvr forever because really? Like i have time to sit and watch my shows? Anyways about 10:15 rolls around and my phone rings so i answered and it was Chris, being that it was late and was tired and not really thinking it didn't occur to me right away to panic until he said the words ER... Then i FREAKED! He took a puck to the face and had to go to the er and get 17 stitches right above his eye, seriously an inch lower and he could have lost his eye... This is where i tell myself that he loves hockey and i love him but you can bet that he WILL be wearing his cage now.

So that is how i spent my Monday, taking care of a hubby with stitches all over his face.. This was taken right away now he has a nice black eye to accompany it..
Happy Monday Everyone!

Manic Monday

Intense Debate Comments