31 January 2011

If i never see another hockey puck again.....

that might be okay..

Wow, this weekend was so much fun and needless to say ALOT of hockey was played! Our team didn't make it to the finals but they still did good and looked great! Such a blast! I am so looking forward to doing it again for Pond Hockey!

My parents stayed here with the boys while Chris and i went up and stayed in a hotel with some friends, the games started on Friday afternoon with our first game being at 4pm, which we lost but Chris did score our first goal {yay babe!} The second game i missed because i was at the baby shower but they won that one! Anyways a great weekend with great friends and the best sport ever {if you ask my husband anyways...} *smiles*

{Jill & I}


I can 't wait to share photos of the baby shower, oh my heavens it was beautiful! I have some seriously amazing friends! I don't have the photos yet but i will share as soon as i do! The cake turned out WAY better than i had ever imagined and everyone loved it {yay me!} The quilt was also a HUGE hit and turned out so adorable! Not only is it super cute but i love that everyone designed their own square so it also has a great story behind it! I voted we make it our "thing" to do whenever anyone has a baby! You will love it when i you see it, i promise!

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