09 October 2008


So its been a long couple of weeks, since C got out of the hospital we have all gotten sick, C a few different times.. Then we were just exhausted.. But things are starting to pick up again and with them my mood! We went to our first ever wed night service at Harbor Light and we really enjoyed it! I wasn't sure what to expect but it was very small and they had several groups for discussion at the end which i didn't really get into too much but i think i will be able to warm up a little more over the next few weeks as we plan to go every week now. Oh and they had nursery for Z which i love! They open up two rooms so there is tons of space to play and there were quite a few other kids in there which made it all the better for Z, he really needs to spend time with other kids, he does see R almost every weekday now but she is more like a sister at this point so the excitement comes and goes.... Z did start doing something new though, he holds his finger up to his lips and goes shhhh... =) too cute, he learned that from Lorelei a little girl he has play dates with every once in a while.. they are only two days apart so they are very close in alot of things.. All though she talks alot more than Z, he knows words but he just chooses not to say them.. It drives me crazy! I am too much of a worrier... i need to work on that! Anyways things are going very well and i feel like they are just going to keep getting better!!!

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