27 June 2009

Adventures in a big boy bed.....

So last night i got the great idea that we should start trying to get Z to sleep in a big boy bed, the idea actually came a couple weeks ago when i was talking to a friend and it hit me, i can't lift Z for 6 weeks after the baby is born! Since Z is still in his crib that kind of poses a dilemma for me! So its either get him in the bed now, or just lift him anyways... i am definitely leaning towards the bed as you can tell.
So, this morning C's alarm went off and he wasn't there to get it, so i went to Z's room and found then just like this, i laughed a little then ran back to get the camera.. needless to say the first night did not go well since C never even left the room! we'll see how it goes from here.....

25 June 2009

Big Ticket Festival

This could possibly be my favorite picture ever....


So i mentioned yesterday that we went to the Big Ticket Festival this past weekend, it was amazing! It was the first time i had ever gone so i was excited anyways, but it ended up being more fun than i had anticipated! We started out the morning watching a play that my parents were in, Z stayed with me through the whole thing and did great! After that we went out to the kids area and checked out the petting zoo (see above) and the bouncy houses both of which he LOVED! i had to bribe him out of the bouncy house the second time with tic tacs 'cause there was no way he was coming out on him own! (and lets face it with this baby belly i have going there was no way i was going in!) We also took him to get his first balloon animal, which he loved.. (okay for the record there was nothing that he did not love that day =) We watched a couple of kids concerts which really got Z moving, hilarious dancer that kiddo.. We even managed to get a nap in after all of that! The highlight of the night for me though (aside from when C got out of work and met us there) was seeing Third Day, possibly my favorite Christian band.. They didn't get there until about 5 minutes before the show was supposed to start but they still made it! Z had a blast at his first concert and was fascinated watching it all, after about 40 minutes though he was sound asleep in my lap =) It was an awesome night! Thanks mom and dad for getting us in!

24 June 2009

Putting money in the piggy bank...
Throwing rocks in the garden at Charlevoix Library

Riding his first 4-wheeler

I only have a couple moments here but i thought i would put up a couple more pics of Z.. This summer is going to be busy busy busy! This past weekend we got a new pool and we have been outside swimming in it everyday! I really was starting to think for a while there that summer jut might not come this year.. i guess i have been proven wrong! Aside from our everyday pool time, we have been going to story hour here in Petoskey and in Charlevoix.. We are starting to attend a new playgroup on fridays, I'll let you know how that goes! And we are trying to squeeze in playdates in between!

On top of all that we have special events of all kinds! Now that Z has reached an age where he is really starting to be more interested in different things i want him to be able to do it all! This past weekend we went to Big Ticket Festival and Z had an amazing time! I have pics to upload that go with the story so i will save that, but he had alot of firsts that day! We also have A & J's wedding the weekend after this, and this weekend we are going to the circus! (yay!) Also we have plans to take Z to the movies to see "Ice Age, Dawn of the Dinosaur" he has seen the previews and seems to be really excited, but again, we'll see how that goes! Okay i had better get some more stuff done before he wakes up then we are off to run around town! I'm kinda wishing the air in our car worked......

10 June 2009

The Big Haircut

I didn't get any photos of it being done, but here is a good look at what Z's hair looks like now, while he blows some bubbles =)

Two Months...

Hangin out with daddy

Happy Kid =)

Zeke & a friend at a birthday party

Zeke & Max taking a walk in the field
I didn't realize it had been so long since i was on here so i will do a quick catch up of the past two months before i forget again =)
I am 5 months pregnant now, and we found out last Friday that we are going to have another boy! I am so excited for Z to have a little brother, now if we could just agree on a name for the little guy we would be doing much better!
Z is doing amazing, he is growing everyday and soaking in everything he See's and hears like a sponge, his language skills are really starting to come around and its so much fun to listen to the stories he tells us.. He seems to know that there is a baby in Mommy's belly and he will say baby brother, but other than that seems more interested in the real babies that he can see. I was watching a friends little girl (she is 3 months old) and Z just wanted to lay on the floor next to her and talk to her. It was adorable, however as soon as i got the camera out he jumped up and ran away.. silly kid.. He has a new love, matchbox cars, the kid just can't get enough of them! When he wakes up in the morning i get a "good morning" and a "Hi momma" but then the next word that comes out of his mouth is almost ALWAYS "cars"!! So topping his list of things he loves is Hockey, but cars run a close second! He also loves Veggie tales now, which is so much better than Spongebob! And we have cut down t.v time to about 20-30mins a day. although some days we manage to get by just fine without any! Especially since the weather FINALLY seems to be warming up! THANK GOD! I was really starting to believe that summer would just opt not to come this year!

Easter Time

Being that it is now the middle of June i think these pics are a little late... but, better late than never right? =) We had a little get together with some friends for Easter since a big Easter egg hunt just seemed like too much for the kiddo, and for me! It was so much fun though, the kids colored eggs, had a yummy lunch while the daddies "hid" the eggs (and by hid i mean they tossed them all over the yard) Then we all went out and the kids picked up every single egg there was! I don't know why i was so shocked but i really thought they would pick up one or two and then check those out, but not a single plastic egg was opened until there were only a couple left to get. All in all it was a great day. =)

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