25 May 2011

Theme Thursday ~ I'm back!!

Hello Friends!

I am so happy to be back! I took a much needed blogging break that i had half started sometime ago, i am feeling so much better though and refreshed and ready to be here! I have tons of exciting posts to share with you! For now though lets focus on Theme Thursday!

This week i decided not to participate in choosing the winner because i have been out for the past couple weeks, Check out Nicole's blog to see who won and who was featured..

This weeks Theme is Architecture

This shot was back from my photoshoot with my sister and her husband, i saw the reflection of the building in the glass and had to capture it! It's not my best shot as far as angles go, but i still love it!

A Beautiful Life ~ Architecture

Another Day Another Diaper ~ Architecture

Make sure to grab our button and link back to here or Nicole's blog! I can't wait to see what you all have for us!

Next weeks theme is Celebration

Another Day Another Diaper

23 May 2011

Hello {Blogging} World

I said posts might be sparse, little did i know that that meant none at all! It has been crazy hectic over here!! I have been sick for a while but i am finally starting to feel better and the boys are both recovering from some pretty severe colds and in the midst of all of that was the final planning and execution of Zeke's 4th Birthday Party! It turned out to be an amazing day celebrated with great friends. The bouncy house was a huge hit and worth every penny!! The Cake was even more amazing that i could have anticipated! All in all the best party yet *smiles*
Photos to come i promise!

I have been out for a couple weeks but i am back now and hopefully to stay! Make sure to come back Thursday for this weeks Theme Thursday, the Theme is Architecture

04 May 2011

Theme Thursday

Hello Friends and Welcome to another Theme Thursday!

I am not feeling great today so i am going to keep this short and sweet..

This week we had a for sure stand out winner, with several AMAZING captures

You are our WINNER!

I love everything about this photo, the bright pop of colors, the angle, the fact that it makes me want to go out and get another tattoo... what?
Don't forget your Winner button! You earned it!


Since we had another slow week Nicole and i are going to stick with two features each, if you want to see that top five button again, spread the word!

Here are my features for the week

Don't forget Nicole and i might not have chosen the same so make sure to pop over and check out here super amazing blog too!

Snappin Eye Candy

Love this photo, the black and white really pop and it makes me want to take my shoes off.. *wink*

This sign just makes me laugh, awesome capture also!

Great job ladies, don't forget your button!



This weeks Theme is Dessert!

Now i know this is something we all love and therefor we can all come up with a photo, yes?

A Beautiful Life ~ Dessert

Another Day Another Diaper ~ Dessert

Here we go! Lets see what you have for us this week! Remember to interpret any way you wish! Just keep it tasteful!

Have a great week everyone and lets all get ready for nexts weeks theme, Something for Mom.. (this mom is crossing her fingers and wishing for rockband! Yes i am that cool...)

Another Day Another Diaper

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02 May 2011

My First Photoshoot ~ The Favs

If you read my last post you know that i did my first photo shoot this weekend, the couple (my baby sister and her husband) were SO much fun to work with and even better was my amazing assistant, i call him husband.. *love* Please let me know what you think!

Hello Friends..

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, it has been somewhat crazy here.. Friday Chris & I headed downstate for my first ever paid photo shoot! I can't wait to share the photos with you! I think i got some really amazing shots! It was over all an amazing weekend..

Until we found out that my Grandfather was in the hospital.. at first they just thought he had a migraine and severe vertigo, no one at the hospital thought to check for a stroke until he started hallucinating.. After finding that he did in fact have a stroke he was sent to a bigger hospital where he had surgery to remove the damaged brain tissue.. He is currently responding to voices and squeezing hands and opening his eyes just a little. To me the most amazing part is that even while sedated and on a ventilator he still wanted his wife next to him, i stood there and watched while he held her hands and when an iv pump agitated him he immediately reached for her, it was so precious. The Doctors think he can make a full recovery, but we would still appreciate any and all prayers!

Posts might be a little sparse for a while yet but i will definitely be around for Theme Thursday every week!

Have a great week everyone!

He is off the ventilator and breathing well on his own, he is also able to give a thumbs up sign!

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