25 January 2011

Hi :)

Well hello dear friends,

One thing i always share with you all is how much i love this blog and how blessed i feel to have so many awesome readers and friends. I wish i could post everyday but sometimes life just gets in the way, something like the last 5 days... I had an AMAZING weekend downstate with my sister and mom. We spent hours laughing and i loved every second of it. My mom and i were supposed to head back up on Saturday afternoon but there was a 50 car pile up and the free way was actually closed off so of course we stayed down and extra night. Turns out that was a really good idea! Sunday morning the sky was blue and the roads were clear but you could see every couple miles where people had gone off the road..

Anyways the last couple days were spent with my sweet boys and i enjoyed every second of that too :)

So updates on life, today i went next door to check out the house that our landlords are fixing up after the tenets left it kind of a mess.. We have some friends that will be looking for a place in the next few months and we are really hoping they can be our neighbors! Seeing what they have done over there made me think of what i would like to do over here and aside from some more painting there is really only one thing that i would like to change, there is a wall between our dining room and kitchen that i would love to tear halfway down and make a bar like area so people could still be in the dining room and living room while being able to chat with me "the chef",, maybe this will never happen but if it did......

I like these modern bar stools

Which do you think?

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