03 January 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

2009 was an amazing year for me, i feel like i have been incredibly blessed with my two wonderful little boys and the best husband a girl could ask for! Today he took me ice skating =)

We had 3 awesome Christmas's first with the Case family here at our house which was tons of fun, then we went to my parents house and opened gifts with them and my sister and her husband and that evening we celebrated with the Johnson family. Christmas morning we were looking forward to waking up with the boys and doing the whole Christmas morning routine but because of the ice storm we ended up staying at my parents house an extra night, which trust me is never a bad thing =) I adore my parents and my sister for that matter! Have i mentioned how blessed i am in the family department?

Things around here are great, Chris is still layed off but i am choosing to see that as a blessing, i love having him home so much, its going to be very hard once he does have to go back to work, although the budget aspect makes it almost seem worth it.. Zeke is doing awesome, growing like a weed and talking all the time, he makes up songs now that i can barely understand but what i do catch is always hilarious. I love him! Ki is already almost 3 months old, isn't that crazy? He lays on his tummy time mat and can hold his chest right up off the ground! He is such an amazing little boy, hes talking alot more now too, although when i say talking for him what i mean is "cooing" but it sure is cute! He is sleeping wonderfully now, 6hours at first then another 3 hour stretch after that! Then he usually ends up in bed with us which is fine by me =)

So up on the agenda for me, a trip to GR on the 17th with Ki and my mom to see my sister for a couple days, i am really looking forward to that! We are talking about going back down to see Chris's parents again (we just went down for almost a week) either that or they want to come up here, so we'll just have to wait and see on that one, right now they are in FL but next year we are talking about going with them! That would be amazing!

Okay i have now written what from here looks like a book so i better save something for later!

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