26 September 2008

A Beautiful Mess

The kiddo cleaning up one of the many messes we face....

Beautiful..,, That's a word that i have a hard time relating with... but i am getting better... And i am working on finding that beauty in all the messes that currently rule my life, but such is my life with a little one i guess,, =)
My newest goal is to get the kiddos and myself outside as much as possible this next couple of months, which i think will be great for all of us. Oh and speaking of goals, (i know i am all over the place here...) I am so close to hitting my first weight loss goal!! I am so excited and proud of myself, and taking the advice of a friend i plan to celebrate as soon as i hit that goal!
Hmmmm... lets see.. normally i feel like i have too much to say and right now i am just feeling content... which is a very nice quiet time.. and i think i will go and enjoy it!

23 September 2008

Trips to the library....

Here we are!
Picking out some books...


So right now one of our favorite things to do is to take trips to the library, i wish we could go more often, Z and i both love it! Its such a great chance to get out of the house and see some new things. Not to mention we both LOVE to read! I love that he gets that from me! This sweet little boy will sit in his room in his "reading corner" which is made up of a little shelf full of books and an elephant chair i got him a while ago, and read until he has looked through all his books. Its so much fun to watch! So it only makes sense for us to go get some new ones every once in a while.. and so we do! Our first stop is always the kids area where he plays, picks out a few books, and then reads some. Then we head upstairs so mommy can pick out a couple too! Not that i always get the time to read them but knowing that i have them always makes me feel happy.. I am one of those people who just loves books, i will actually run my hand down the row and just pick up whatever and read it cover to cover.. most of the time.. if its incredibly dull then never mind.. =D So there it is, i hope that over the years Z continues to love reading as much as he does now!

17 September 2008

First Trip to the Dentist!!!

Zeke has officially made his first trip to the dentist! He did so great!! I don't think i could have been more proud! And of course the good news is his teeth are just as wonderful as they look in that handsome little smile he gives. After we went to the dentist we took went out to lunch with B and my mom which turned out to be a little stressful as the little man of the hour was getting a little tired.. but still fun =D after lunch we took a walk downtown and had some ice cream and went into the toy store which Z loved. We also found him a little hat that he wears nearly everyday now. It just too cute.. all in all it was a great day! I am so greatful for the wonderful people in my life who make these little outings possible. Thank you all, i love you! Well now the day is done and my little man is ready for bed time so off we go to bed......

02 September 2008

My Love

Can i just say a few words about the amazing man that i call my husband? I can not believe that i am so blessed, he may drive me up the wall some days (okay sometimes most days =D ) but he always makes sure that i know that he loves me. I am not the most secure of people, God knows, but he always makes sure that i know that i am loved and wanted and beautiful, even though i truly do not believe it these days, when he says it i almost do.. Anyways i have to get dinner started since we have a ton to do tonight but i just have been thinking alot the past couple days how lucky i am and i needed to say it out loud, later tonight i will give updates on what else we have been up to, busy busy!

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