21 November 2008

18 months..

Somehow we went from this,

To this, in only 18 short months.

Z had his 18 month check up yesterday and he is doing great! He weighed in at 23lbs 10 1/2 oz and 32 3/8 inches.. Oh and just for the record, he is in the 20th percentile for weight, 50th for height, and 60th for his head..He has always had a big head. =) He had to have a couple shots, which i hate only because now i have to hold him still.. It gives me flashbacks from when i was a kid, i specifically remember getting out of the room and running down the hall before someone caught me then my mom holding me.. I wasn't a big fan of the needle.. Then i grew up and i now i give blood on a regular basis.. haha.. how things have changed! I just can't believe that my little baby boy is already 18 months old. They love him at the doctors office, other than crying when he gets poked he is just a little (okay big) bundle of smiles and laughs for the nurses and the doctor! Oh he does have eczema which is no good..Its just one little spot behind his knee, But we picked up some eucerin creme on the way home and C put it on last night and it already looks 90% better!

18 November 2008

Here Comes the Snow!

The Snow is officially here!!! And we are having the time of our lives!! Z and R and I have been outside sledding for the past two days, and could not be having more fun! These two love the snow! The little hill outside our house it turning out to be one of the best things about this place, in the spring and summer when Z was too small to listen it kept him from going too far away and now that winter is here it is proving to be the perfect sledding hill for the kiddos! It's just the right height that they can climb all the way up and slide down all on their own.. However we only have one sled so that is on the list of things we need now, i would like to have a couple more so that when we have play dates everyone can sled, I also need to find some snow pants for Z, he has been going out in jeans the past two days i just have to limit the time we are out there and change his pants as soon as we get inside! Its still worth it though! And nap time seems to be lasting a little longer too! Other than the snow fun we have been having there are no other updates.. Z has his 18month checkup this week which i am not looking forward to.. But other than that we are just having fun!

Playground Fun...

Just a couple more pictures from out adventures outside before the snow... There is little playground just a short walk from the house that up until a couple months ago didn't really offer much for the kiddos, but as they have gotten bigger they can now hold their own and play with the bigger kids... But the favorite is the slide!

17 November 2008

The last of the snowfree days...

The snow is officially here!!! I Love Snow! There is after all a reason (aside from all my lovely friends and family) that i live here! But before we get into that i wanted to share a few pics from the last couple of weeks when we had the most amazing weather, all leading up of course to snow.. =) Z and i were lucky enough to make it to the park a couple of times and the lighting was just right for some really great pictures.. I didn't get all the shots i wanted but it was tons of fun none the less! Z is really discovering his love of swings and slides,, a little too late i am afraid but there is all sorts of new stuff to look forward to! But for now i think all he wants is some lunch so i am off to cook!

15 November 2008

A walk in the park..

A couple of weeks ago we decided to start taking weekly walks down by the waterfront, it didn't last long because the cold came too fast, but it was still fun! Z is so great about staying with us (most of the time) and we had some great photo ops =) The one of us under the willow tree is my absolute favorite! I love willow trees, when we do eventually buy a house we will have to have one, even if i have to plant it myself.. And as anyone who knows me knows, i am not much of a gardener... haha..
So on our first walk through the park, Z had his first drink from a water fountain which was the most adorable thing ever, he loved it! C took a video of it but you don't get to see Z smile and laugh after he gets some water..

12 November 2008

Hayride at Bills

I guess you could call this a belated blog.. =) We took Z on his first ever hayride last month!! It was so much fun! We Got there just in time to hop on the wagon and i expected Z to run around like a mad man but he was so good! He sat on mine and C's laps through almost the whole thing and he kept looking around checking out the beautiful scenery, and it was beautiful! We even got to stop and see some cows which Z loved! When we got back to the farmers market Z got to pick out a pumpkin and have some apple cider. He loved it there, actually we all did.. It was just so much fun for something so simple. I think it will be a yearly tradition now! I only ever went a couple of times as a kid that i remember anyways. Check back soon for more on our adventures!

10 November 2008

Oh how time flies...

This is a pic from our hayride which i promise to write all about tomorrow!

I feel like it has been forever since i have had a chance to get on here... Time really does fly.. (and i am having fun =) We all got sick, again, some kind of stomach bug.. i would not wish that on anyone,, it was awful enough for me but i felt even worse for Z.. Poor kiddo.. But we are all better now!! Gearing up for the holiday season!! YAY! I am the BIGGEST fan of Christmas!! I look forward to it all year! Maybe even more than summer which is really saying something because i do love summer! I can't believe we already have snow on the ground.. It always makes me so excited! At the same time i am nervous because that also means a whole lot of time inside with the kiddos.. at least this year we can go out, even if just for short periods of time... I am looking forward to taking the kids sledding down the hill and teaching them how to make snowmen! And i am resisting every urge to get my Christmas decorations out,, which is not easy when i see the snow.. But i have a tradition that i like to keep,, the day after Thanksgiving we always go and get our tree then i decorate it.. I think when Z gets old enough that he would be able to help that i will have to get him his own tree to decorate,,, ha ha,, i am just too picky for my own good... it only took C a couple of years before he figured out i would rather do it all on my own...

But before all the wonderfulness of Christmas, we have Thanksgiving! I really feel that it should be all about the big family get together but this year we are doing it here, and it will just be us and C's parents.. not all that exciting but i am grateful for the family that we can be with. The next day though, we will be headed up for the sault to visit with A & J (my brother in law and his fiance). Oh on a side note, no more Mexico trip for us =( A & J decided to get married here instead, because her father couldn't make the trip.. Which from a financial standpoint its a relief but at the same time i am still bummed.. Okay, i had better get some reading time in before the kiddos get up from naps and the chaos starts all over again! But i will be back tomorrow.. i always forget how much i enjoy this until i get back to it!

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