24 February 2011

Just another day..

where i don't want to do anything...

i did clean the house... and play with my kids.. Thats all i REALLY need to do in a day right? I have just had a blah kinda week i guess.. I did get a new run in my living room, i am SUPER excited about that! Even better i got it on sale for $34, amazing yes? It makes the room look 1000x better! Pictures to come as always... I took SO MANY PICTURES last weekend.. i think i might be burnt out for just a little while.. I curently have my editing program open i just haven't started in on them yet... maybe soon.. i might need to look at shoes for just a little while longer..... :)

18 February 2011

Photoshoot Friday

This is going to be short and sweet since i have to be on the road in about 20mins! Pond Hockey weekend!!!

I am hoping for a big response this week, which is alot to ask since i kinda missed the last two weeks :/ But please spread the word and share those photos! The link will be open thru next week so you have time!

Let me see what you've got!

a beautiful life

17 February 2011

16 February 2011

Wordless{ish} Wednesday ~ Unplanned Blogging Break...

Apparently i am taking an unplanned blogging break... not on purpose, i have just been SO busy this past couple weeks i have only been able to sneak in a couple posts! I promise i will be back though, at least for photoshoot friday!

Until then enjoy this cuteness :)

13 February 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Blogging Fail.

Ack.. i suck

I have been so insanely busy lately that i actually forgot it was Friday until someone pointed it out to me... so if you noticed the lack of photo shoot Friday that is why! I thought i would just do it later that night when Kiah started throwing up, fortunately it was only a couple times and after a good nights sleep he seemed to be fine. Then Sat morning Zeke started only ALOT more.. poor kiddo.. Now that he is better Chris is sick... its been a long couple of days and my house is a wreck and i am exhausted! So the very last thing on my to do list was blogging! Things should be closer to normal tomorrow, just in time for valentines day right? haha Hope you all had a better weekend than mine! Save those photos for next weeks photoshoot Friday which WILL be up!

09 February 2011

Today ~ Wordless{ish} Wednesday

Is a sewing day.. :) So far this morning i have whipped up 2 camera strap covers for a couple great friends and 2 diaper & wipe cases for the etsy shop.. So much more to do! On another fun note we finished the quilt from the baby shower, and it is more amazing than i could have ever imagined!

Do you like?


{The individual squares, each person made their own from things we supplied}

{The cake. (that took me two days to make and for the record i had frosting all the way up to my elbows at one point.. good times) Lemon cake with a raspberry filling and cream cheese frosting}

{ Name tags, made by my dear friend Jody}

05 February 2011


1. I WILL take down the Christmas decorations today, like as soon as i am done with this post! I need some inspiration to make something pretty and fun for around the house and currently there is no place to put anything so i WILL take everything down today!

2. Tonight is girls night, we are going out dancing and it is going to be A~M~A~Z~I~N~G! The only problem is i have NOTHING TO WEAR! AHHHHHH!!! I found this lace shirt as JC Pennys the other day that is a really pretty peacock blue but just horribly ugly cut... so... I *think* i might go pick that up as soon as the husband gets back from his hockey game and *try* to turn it into something pretty... wish me luck! I am going to need it! I have never *made* clothes before so this is all new to me!

3. tae qwon do. yeah baby, you heard me. I am doing tae qwon do. i am officially, wait for it... A white belt! Ha! I am just lucky enough to have a friend who is a 3rd degree black belt and also teaches a class every week, and also made me go! turns out, i love it! GREAT workout! So, I'll keep you updated on how that goes :)

4. I really did finish all my pay it forward and valentine craft swap goodness, and it really is ready to be mailed out.. i just haven't made it to the post office yet :/ I also did a post on all the awesomeness that i have been up to lately sewing/crafting wise, i just don't want to share it with you until i get everyone their goodies! I like the surprise!

5. I feel like i have been sewing up a storm lately! I even got brave enough to start my own etsy shop! yay me! The only thing is that i don't actually have anything on there yet... i mean i have some here made i just haven't taken the time to list them yet... i want to get a little more made first then i will share! Wish me luck on that too would ya?

6. Please link up to photoshoot friday!! Just snap a pic of you or you and someone else and link it back up here, the link will be open until Tuesday!! Its good for my selfesteem when you join in! :)
7. My kids are awesome. I love them so much sometimes i can't stand it! Zeke is just hanging out here with me being all adorable so i needed to share just how great they are :)

Have a great weekend everyone! Thanks for listening to my ramblings!

04 February 2011

Photoshoot Friday

I almost forgot it was Friday! How does that happen? I'm gonna go ahead and blame an amazingly fun girls night last night, i got in bed just in time to tell Chris Happy Birthday {today is his birthday, Happy Birthday Love!} Just one more cup of coffee and i should be on my game! Until then, I can't wait to see what you all have for me this week! I had favs from the week before last but i accidentally deleted them when i was cleaning out my folders, so make 'em good this week and i promise not to delete them!

a beautiful life

02 February 2011

I want this.

I may or not have mentioned to you that last summer i lost my engagement ring to the bottom of lake Michigan... It was kind of my own stupid fault so for the past several months i have only had my wedding band.. Not that i don't love it, because i do.. kind of.. See when we got married Chris insisted on getting gold bands, that was what his parents had and that was what he wanted, and since i love him so much i gave in, despite my utter hatred of gold... Well funny story, turns out Chris is allergic to gold.. Did you laugh yet? It gets better, he had to stop wearing his first ring {yes you heard me FIRST} because it gave him an awful rash then he lost his second one, and his third... So.. Obviously it is my turn, right? We have talked about me getting new rings for a while now and i have been looking at what i want without breaking the bank, and this is it. well them rather... I am trading in my wedding band and the price will come off of these so my new set will actually be cheaper than the original one and it won't be gold! Of course this time around i won't stupidly lose it either! Aren't they pretty?

A not so wordless Wednesday...

I have been awesome lately..
just sayin..

Yesterday i FINALLY got the end tables {that i picked up at a garage sale this summer} upstairs! I have been holding out for Chris to stain them but that doesn't seem to be working out for me and i was so ready to have a pair of matching end tables that i figured i might as well just take them as they are! So i did *smiles*

I also got all the baby blankets and burp cloths and whatnot out of the changing table in my room {my dad made it as a shelf for the boys but it turned out a little bigger than planned but worked perfectly as a changing table for Ki and now a bookshelf for me! I don't actually have a bookcase downstairs, i have a closest in the office that just happens to have some shelf's in it that work for books. So i took all the overflow upstairs, which was quite a bit because i have alot of books! I love reading more than any other hobby, i love getting lost in a whole different world, not that i don't love my world because i do! There is just something so relaxing about sitting in a quiet room with a good book and a cup of coffee!

Oh and i finally got some wall art hung up in our room {about 15mins ago!} that i made this morning... It's been over a year but our room is finally starting to come together! yay!

Husband went back to work today, he has been home since i want to say November? Lay offs are kind of part of the deal when you are a painter but we have gotten used to it by now and learned to adjust our lives to make it work. I missed him so much this morning though! Fortunately it was a half day today so he is home now but tomorrow will be a full day and i know i am going to miss having him around like crazy! We also put our car in the garage for the winter so we are down to one vehicle and that is what he is driving to work so i will be stuck at home for a while... not thrilled about that but what can i do? Once more of the snow starts to melt and spring is closer we will put the insurance back on it and i will have my car again! Happy day!

So i know i told you all about my awesome weekend with my mom and sister and since i am always a little behind on everything, here are a couple pictures from bowling :)

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