14 December 2009

Journey To Bethlehem

This past weekend we went with a group of friends to the Journey to Bethlehem, I thought it would be fun for Z and i was right, he loved it! His favorite part though was the angels which i thought was pretty adorable. I wanted to take pics of everything but i was too busy watching =) we did get a great group shot though!

My Loves

Petoskey Open House

I love living so close to town! Chris and I packed up the boys and walked downtown to check out the open house, it was the first time for both of us! So much fun though, Z checked out Santa but we didn't think he would be too thrilled about sitting on any ones lap let alone a stranger in a funny red outfit, so we just looked from afar =) He was far more interested in the firetrucks though and very happy with the hat they gave him! We ran into a few people we knew which was fun, all in all it was a great time and we will definitely be making this an annual thing.

09 December 2009

Ki's Dedication

November 29th , 2009 Hezekiah Joel was dedicated to the Lord. As his parents we are going to do our best to raise him in a Godly home and teach him to the best of our ability to grow and and become a strong man of God. I am so thankful that we are blessed with a church family who will be there to help raise him and that he is able to grow up in such a community.


This year we went to Muskegon for Thanksgiving and got to see the whole Johnson family, well most everyone anyways.. It was so much fun though, every year we go to C's parents house and spend it with them. This year it was time to change it up! It was so great to see family that i don't really get to spend time with, not to mention the great food and games. Z absolutely LOVED his Aunt H, they bonded over their "orbs of power" (don't ask you had to be there!) Z also enjoyed following his cousin around and watching his every move. While K had some great bonding time with another cousin who if she lived closer would be out permanent babysitter! She just did so great with him! All in all it was a great relaxing weekend that made the 5 hour car trip worth it! I look forward to seeing the family again for Christmas!

05 November 2009

My Boys

So, i know i am terrible when it comes to updating the blog, but here it is, we are finally a family of four and i could not be happier! Baby H is the most amazing little baby and so incredibly adorable! Z is such a good big brother, he loves to sit on the couch and hold baby H while watching cartoons =)
The last few weeks have been very uneventful with the exception of a new baby! I went into labor on wed night, it was 9pm when i started having contractions.. I had been having plenty for the previous two weeks so i didn't really think anything of it (you know other than ouch these really hurt...) but when 5 am rolled around and i was still having them very consistently we decided it was time to call the doc, after making sure that they really were 5 mins apart we headed for the hospital, since it was 3 weeks before my due date the doc wanted to monitor me and make sure that this was really it, (in case i forgot to mention i had been in a few weeks before that for some pre-term labor that they were able to stop) at 10:30am they decided that i was in fact in labor (all i could think was really? you think?) lucky for me my doc just happened to be the one on call everything happened very fast after that and before you know it i could hear the cry of a very healthy baby boy!
Its been 4 weeks since baby H was born and we are all adjusting very well, he is growing at an amazing rate! (7lbs 10ozs at last checkup) right now he and C are snuggled on the couch asleep.. i love my family!

Family Fall Celebration...

My little Lion

Z the Elephant

Bobbing for apples

My little cheater...

Painting Pumpkins

So happy =)

Welcome Hezekiah Joel Case

Welcome to the world baby H! Kiah was born October 8th, 2009 at 11:24 am and weighed 6lbs 2 ozs and was 17 1/2 inches long. We are so happy to have him here with us and we love being a family of four!

03 October 2009

So many things so little time....

So its been a while since i have been on here and actually let you know what we have been up to, I may have mentioned that we moved =) We've been all unpacked and settled in for a couple weeks now and we absolutely love it here! The new house is great, we have so much space!! (look for pics soon) Just a few more things to take care of, (rugs, curtains, bookcase, T.V.) but after that we will be set! Z is loving his new room, he's actually up there playing right now! I have never met such a great kid, he plays by himself so well, i really think that's going to help when H gets here!
Speaking of which, we only have 17 days left! I can't believe this last 9 months has gone by so fast!! Its been great for the most part but now i am tired and ready to be done! I really try not to be a complainer but each day that gets a little more difficult! H is sitting so low that i can hardly walk some days, this morning i sat down on the wood floor and i couldn't get up! That was not fun!! haha.. We have everything we need for H though which is a huge blessing, just a couple of last minute things to pick up! I am so incredibly nervous though! I have been through a c-section before but this time i am worried about Z, its so hard to pick him up now, i always give in and do it and then end up paying for later... i don't think that's gonna happen though after surgery! i mean i am going to try not to! thankfully i am blessed to have C here with me for a full 9 days after i get home from the hospital and then my mom will be here for a full day and then after work for the rest of the 2nd week. Surgery is set for October 20th, so if you want to come see us we will be there until the 24th, i have already talked to the Doc and we will be there until about 4:30 - 5 on Friday, that way C can still work and come pick me up. I would just rather go home with him =)
So as far as what we have been up to.. not much! Mom and i made salsa yesterday, I'm not sure if its as good as last year but its still yummy! It was a full day but i am so glad we got to do it! I am so thankful for my mother, she is probably the most amazing woman i know! Today as long as it doesn't start raining again, we are taking Z to Bills for the hayride and to pick out pumpkins! He is going to love it! We can't go anywhere that sells pumpkins w/o coming home with one! (they are all small though so this time he gets to pick out a big one!) I am going to see how i am feeling once 2 comes around, and if its good i will be going on the hayride with Z and C! I just want to see how much fun he has! So wish me luck!

25 September 2009


25 days!!!!

The Little Man

Wedding Day

My Family

My Best Friend & I

The Bridal Party

My baby sister got married last weekend! It was so beautiful, and she looked amazing! I only have a couple of pictures that my best friend took, (see above =) but I'll get more soon.. It was a great weekend and i am so happy for them and to have a new member of our family. Congrats Ben & Tina Rabourn!!

11 September 2009

Baby Shower

I was very blessed to have some friends of mine throw a baby shower for me and another friend who is expecting (our due dates are 4 days apart =) It was so much fun! Here are a couple of pics from that day....

So where to start.. how about WE ARE MOVING!! I am so incredibly excited about this, it was all God there is no other way to explain it, Monday (yes as in 4 days ago) we were on our way to a Labor Day get together (which was awesome by the way, i played horseshoes! not even remotely well but i played!) anyways, on the way there we just happened to drive by a house with a FOR RENT sign out front, i don't know why this one caught my attention, and it was the sign not the house that i saw first, so Chris called and talked to the owners and that afternoon we were able to look at it! Its an adorable little house, not huge by any means but so much better than what we have here, and only $20 more a month! Anyways after talking with the owners for a while we decided we would love to rent the place and the next morning they called and said they would love to have us live there! They are just the sweetest couple and are going to make the best Landlords! Oh and the fun part, since they know that we are expecting (AHHH ONLY 5 MORE WEEKS!!!) they are letting us move in THIS WEEKEND! We made a deal where we are paying half a months rent for September and they are delaying the security deposit until the first of October! I Can't believe it is all happening so fast!! I am surrounded by boxes and my house looks like a tornado has come through here! But that's only for one more day! We have so many friends that have offered to help we are going to be able to get this all done in one day! talk about blessed! Monday will be all about cleaning (yuck.) and Tuesday we will start unpacking and have our first night in the new house!! I promise lots of pics as soon as we get in there!
Other than that things have been pretty good around here, i had some contractions a little over a week ago so they (the Doc) sent me over the the hospital so they could monitor me and decide what to do, fortunately they were pretty far apart and i was only dilated to 1 cm so they gave me shot to relax my uterus and monitored me for a while longer then sent me home. So far i no more other than some braxton hicks which i can handle!
I have almost everything we need for the new little guy, just one more order to place and my mom is buying the swing and we will be set!
Okay i am off now to pick up the keys for our new house!

27 August 2009

My Little Painter

We found this amazing art easel at a yard sale this summer for one dollar =) until now its just been in Z's room with paper and crayons for anytime coloring.. This week though C went out and got Z his first set of paint brushes and paints, HE LOVES THEM! Its so fun to watch him create his little masterpieces! It won't be long before the whole house will be covered in paintings! I think i may frame one or two for his room... I haven't quite decided yet... I still need to get new frames to hang pictures from the last year! I may be a little behind on that... haha..
Things are going great around here, i have a baby shower this weekend, thrown by my wonderful friends, that i am very excited for! After that i get to really start getting the things we need! Its been very hard for me not to buy things! I have started getting Z's fall wardrobe together though, Ebay, Yard Sales, Friends.. Wherever i can find things at a good price! Its been easier in past seasons to just set aside the money but with our new little guy on the way we have to make sure we have enough for both so looks for bargains is a big deal this time around! As i guess it will be for the next oh 18 years or so... =)

28 July 2009

Hezekiah Case

19 weeks
I am 27 weeks now, so this one is a little old, but i just got around to scanning them! I can't believe we only have 12 weeks left until we get to meet this little guy!

21 July 2009

Adventures in potty training.....

So we are officially kind of starting potty training =) We took Z to pick out a potty seat a couple nights ago and it has been very slow going since then, today was the first time we have had any progress! (yay!) for the most part he just wants to run around naked... silly goose...
Today though during a diaper change i asked him if he wanted to go potty and he said yes, so we went into the bathroom and he stripped down as he feels the need to do before he can go potty =), i have figured out that if i just sit at the door we do better otherwise he can escape where accidents are harder to clean up! He just walked around talking and playing in the bathroom for a while, singing a song that he made up (hilarious by the way) then he walked over to his potty and stood there "in position" and peed! It was so cool, i mean as far as aim goes hes got nothing, haha.. But the fact that he tried to pee in the potty was very exciting! I still don't think he will be potty trained before the baby comes but C seems to disagree so we'll just have to see!
Baby new, well he is growing that's for sure! He kicks all the time! Z did not move this much at all! I remember at least once a day i would be worried sick that there was something wrong because he moved so little at times! This new baby on the other hand leaves me no room for worry! I can't wait to see what its like when they get older! I am going to have my hands full that's for sure! I can't believe that we only have 3 months left! Time is just going by so fast! I have been working on my baby registry since some very good friends of mine are throwing me and another close friend who is also pregnant a shower, and i have already gone through everything i have of Z's, i was amazed at how much we needed! Z was a summer baby though so all we have for newborn through 3 months are onesies! not gonna work as an outfit for a winter baby! Also in the move we seem to have lost some stuff so that needs replacing, but one thing i am VERY excited about it our new changing table! My dad made it, so its already very special, but its also beautiful! Originally it was made for Z for his room but it ended up being a little bigger than i had planned on but i think God had a hand in this anyways =) We would have had to use the pack & play changing table, which worked great but if you know how small our apartment is there was no room for it without leaving almost no walking space! So this is our little blessing, i'll have to post pics so you can see why i am so excited!

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