08 June 2010

How long you say?

What was that i said so long ago about posting every week? Oops.

Well life w/ two kids certainly has a way of keeping one busy that's for sure! We have had a great start to the summer, i can't at this moment seem to remember just where i left off the last time i was on here so we'll just stick to this week..

Kiah - Amazing little man that he is, started not only crawling this week, but also clapping, pulling himself up, saying mama and waving! I am in awe at how much he has learned to do in just one week! Just a few short weeks ago the kid couldn't even sit himself up from the floor, now i can't get him so lay down for the life of me! He is growing so fast it just amazes me, I mean you know it's going to happen but wow.

Zeke - First you should know that any loud vehicle of any type scares the living daylights out of him, he is just fine with them from a distance or if someone else is on it, but you try and put him up there well you got another thing coming if you think he is just going to do so easily. (this also extends to animals... no pony rides for this kiddo) However, this weekend we went up to Caribou Lake to visit my Grandparents (who live in Mississippi all winter so we don't see them much) and my mom asked Zeke countless times if he wanted to take a ride on the 4wheeler and each time he replied "no" When his Great Grandma asked though, he actually climbed up and took a ride! After a few minutes he was even feeling brave enough to sit on the front and "drive". Needless to say to me this was a HUGE deal! I am so proud of him for taking steps and trying new things! I look forward to many more adventures with my little man!

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