27 January 2011


For lack of a better title because it is in fact Thursday.



How did that happen so fast? I swear i just got home yesterday and already the week has flown by! Today will be a pretty busy day, i have to get the house ready for the weekend {details in a moment} finish up getting things ready for a brunch/baby shower this weekend, and laundry!
So this weekend, Chris has a tournament up north and we have to leave here tomorrow at 1 and he won't be back until either Saturday night or Sunday, My amazing parents are coming to stay with the boys so that i can be there to cheer Chris on! The plan for me is to stay the night on Friday but i have to be up and on the road back here super early! The brunch is at 10am way back down here {okay it's really only like an hour drive but still...} So i will rush home and get ready and head over there and turn around and go back up north... i think it will work!

My part for the shower is the cake which i am really hoping turns out like what i have in my head! I am doing a 3 layer cake then i am going to use lavender frosting and do green piping for vines all over it then add purple flowers... It looks so pretty in my head! *smiles* Then between another sweet friend and myself we came up with the idea to do a quilt together for our dear friend who is having her 3rd girl! Being that Kelly is the fabric queen {seriously she is..} She went through all her goodies and came up with several different types of purple fabrics and she will have those cut and ready, i am in charge of the decorating part so i have been busy busy this week, i made a bunch of the fabric flowers that i think are SO adorable, and way easier to make than i thought they would be! I suspect there will be alot more of those made in my future crafting! I also made some out of felt that are seriously adorable, I promise pictures are to come! I also have some ribbon and assorted buttons and more plans for the felt, cupcakes, owls, more flowers? I am open to ideas on this one!

So on top of all of that {i have to make the cake today so i can decorate it tomorrow} I have been sewing like mad, i am finished with 2 out of my 3 pay it forward crafts and my Valentines craft swap gift which i love so much i seriously want to keep for myself, or at least make an exact replica! I don't want to give too much away though, i want it to be a surprise for everyone! I'll share photos with you as soon as i am sure that everyone got their goodies! I also finished up a set of four burp cloths, a diaper & wipes case for a friend and a handful of little things that needed to be fixed.

Alright i have nearly finished my coffee and i do believe i have caught you up on my life! Have a great weekend everyone! I know i will!

*There will be no Photoshoot Friday this week, but we will definitely be back next week and i hope to see ALL of you here!

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