16 August 2008


So yesterday i was standing in the entryway and as A and R were leaving and i said bye bye and Z copied me! That was another first!! It seems that this whole talking thing is just going to happen all at once and it is so much fun! Z just walks around talking all day long.. i love it! The other night we were getting ready to put the little one down for bed and he ran away and grabbed his sunglasses and brought them to C to put them on (so cute by the way because when he wants something he will bring it to you and say ughh, with kinda a question like inflection) after C put them on he said "yeah dude" and i swear Z said it too! That's the way his talking has been going lately its sounds more like real words and less babel. Too Cute.

As for me, i went out with a couple girlfriends the other night which was wonderful, we had some great experiences. I am going to miss them so much when they are gone... then last night we had a couple drinks with some friends that turned out to be quite an experience.. and tonight C and i are going out with another couple for a double date! I love this, my whole mood has lifted and i feel so great! Oh and the gym finished moving so i went yesterday and plan to go every weekday for the next few months at least! I have started pushing myself a little more so i am incredibly sore but its the good kind! I love this feeling. I love that we can do this in the summer.. i think that God gave me a love of Christmas just so i can get through those long winter months, although i think that is probably true of alot of people!

12 August 2008

Summer Sun

Unfortunately our gym is in the process of moving and i am finding out that i feel much better on the days that i get to go, However we are trying to get out a little more which has made somewhat of an impact. This past weekend we spent 3 days at C's parents house, Which is always fun but it did rain all day the second day and didn't clear up the third day until we left! It was still nice to see the family though. Oh and we have the date now for the wedding (A&J) March 5th we are going to be in MEXICO! It will be the first time i have ever left the country unless you count that one trip through Canada (i don't)... So lets see,, Oh how do i forget the best thing of all?? Z started talking this weekend!! So far he has said mama, daddy, and hi but this weekend he added in ball and doggy, which was so amazing to me! I was actually starting to get worried as he is almost 15 months now and hadn't really started talking but we were down by the pond this weekend with the dogs and there was tennis ball laying on the ground Z walked over to it, pointed and said Ball. Then he picked it up and said it over and over again! The most amazing part was that he knew what it was! I am just so proud! =D Oh and he walks up the the dogs and points and says doggy they proceeds to have a lengthy conversation with them.

01 August 2008

Spin in circles

Z's new favorite thing to do is spin in circles then stand still and watch the room spin, repeat over and over again for hours of fun. Its hilarious to watch.. and to join in on sometimes =) He is such a little goof. So today we are off to the beach! We almost had a scare and thought C was going to have to work but thank God he declined, so we do get to get out of the house today!! Z just went down for his nap so i think i am going to clean up a little then pack so we are ready to go! Oh that reminds me i need to charge the camera battery!! I am so looking forward to this trip! Lets see... Oh my mom got herself a kitten who just happens to be absolutely adorable!! His name is Mr. Wickett, how cute is that? She and my dad stopped over last night for a few minutes so Z could see Mr. W, it was so much fun to watch, Z would pinch his nose and then try to pet him, and when he got down Z kept walking up and talking to him.. too funny. This is his first time ever seeing a kitten and i think he liked it!

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