12 January 2011

Manic Monday ~ 17 stitches anyone?

It is not really Wednesday morning already is it? No way... oh my heavens it is...

Well how about we just pretend that right now in this little moment that it is in fact Monday and do a little manic monday post, after my Monday was SO MANIC that i didn't get a chance to post... So onto the story,

If you read my blog at all you probably know that my husband is a hockey player, if you didn't know that well then here it is, my husband is a hockey player. It is his passion and i try to support it every way i can.. So, Sunday night he had a game {he plays in men's league} at 10pm and it was just a little late so i decided to skip just this one game, i have only missed like 2 games all season and that was because i had the flu, so i am sitting on the couch at home the kids tucked nicely away in their beds and i am catching up on some shows that have been stored on the dvr forever because really? Like i have time to sit and watch my shows? Anyways about 10:15 rolls around and my phone rings so i answered and it was Chris, being that it was late and was tired and not really thinking it didn't occur to me right away to panic until he said the words ER... Then i FREAKED! He took a puck to the face and had to go to the er and get 17 stitches right above his eye, seriously an inch lower and he could have lost his eye... This is where i tell myself that he loves hockey and i love him but you can bet that he WILL be wearing his cage now.

So that is how i spent my Monday, taking care of a hubby with stitches all over his face.. This was taken right away now he has a nice black eye to accompany it..
Happy Monday Everyone!

Manic Monday

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