31 March 2009

Busy Days and Sleepless Nights......

Zeke lounging with Moses watching come cartoons...

It feels like forever since i have been on here, actually that's pretty accurate... haha. This pregnancy has just had me wiped out of all energy whatsoever, i really and trying to look at this as a good thing, but its kind of a challenge sometimes :D
Things have been great around here, we are all healthy happy and enjoying these first peeks of spring, despite our early April Fools (that would be the snow.... ) I am pretty confident that that should all be melted away around here by tomorrow, maybe even today! What i am really looking forward to is the backyard drying out a little more, i feel much more at ease taking the kids out to play when i know they aren't going to have a little mud bath which we are out there! (although we have done that a few times already, so i have had my fill of mud!)
As far as the pregnancy goes i am 10 weeks tomorrow and have already had 2 ultrasounds, so i am pretty confident that everything is going to be okay, which is actually a total lie because i can barely sleep at night from worry.... I have no reason to think anything would go wrong and neither do the Doctors for that matter but I don't think i will be able to truly be okay with everything until we hit the 2nd trimester, only 3 weeks! My next appt is on the 10th so it will be nice to have a checkup, i don't think that they will be able to hear the heartbeat yet, but by our next appt they will be able to so then i can have my monthly reminder that everything is fine until i can feel this little on start wiggling around! I will try to keep this a little more updated (lets say once a week.. :) And i look forward to sharing lots of good news!

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