30 March 2011

Theme Thursday {Week 3}

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the third round of Theme Thursday!! Last week was awesome with 11 links total, every single one of them an amazing capture! Thanks to everyone who linked up with us and shared those awesome shots! Nicole and i both picked our fav shots and we'd like to share them with you, make sure you grab your featured button below!

A Beautiful Life's Pick

Another Day Another Diaper's Pick


~This weeks theme is WATER~

Being that spring has decided not to come to Northern Michigan finding a water shot was a little harder than you would think, we live in a place SURROUNDED by water, unfortunatly all of it is still frozen....

{I am so looking forward to some warm sun and green grass! }

A Beautiful Life ~ Water

Another Day Another Diaper ~ Water

Now lets see what you have! Make sure you grab our button and link back here or to Another Day Another Diaper.

Another Day Another Diaper

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29 March 2011

Busy Weekend, Miscellany Monday & A Black Eye.....

1. BUSY busy busy! In case you hadn't noticed, i haven't posted since Thursday {Theme Thursday} Friday we headed downstate to Chris's parents house, they have been in Florida since October and very much missed! (this is where i brag that i have the best in-laws ever, because i do :) After a fun filled weekend with family and taking millions of pictures Chris & I headed home Sunday afternoon and left the boys with their Grandparents until Wednesday, and the last couple of days have been an amazing blur of "us time" *wink wink*

2. We almost fell thru the ice, Got charged by a bull and fell on a manure covered rock.

However, we got some really amazing photos that i can't wait to share with you! {i just need a little time to edit first!}

3. Zippers! I love thrifting, seriously always a fun time for me! Yesterday Chris & I did a little thrift store shopping and i found a nice little stash of zippers! I just figured out the "art" of sewing a zippered bag and now i am in love. I can't wait to make a whole bunch of them!

4. Which brings me to my fabric labels! See Kate Sew shared this post and i was inspired! A Beautiful Life {The Shop} has been a work in progress for a while now and i have been slowly adding things to list, i am taking a little hiatus until these guys come in the mail though so i can add my label to things! So excited!

5. Baby got a black eye... Kiah took his first tumble down the stairs and got this sucker right here...

6. It's already Tuesday which means Theme Thursday is only two days away! This weeks theme was Active and there is one more day left to link up then the new theme starts! Make sure to come back and share your capture, the theme this this week is Water.

Despite what day it is i am linking up with

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

23 March 2011

Theme Thursday {week 2} Action!

Welcome to the second week of Theme Thursday! Last week we did pretty good with more than a couple amazing shots linking up! Thank you to everyone who participated! Head over to Nicole's Blog for her favorite shot of the week and an honorable mention to everyone who joined in.

My favorite capture was from Ashley Sisk who never ceases to amaze me with her photography skills! Definatly someone i admire and i am honored that she joined us! Make sure to head over and check her out!


Thank you again to everyone who joined us last week! I can't wait to see what you share this week!

This weeks theme is Active!

What could be more active than playing hockey? *wink* This is one of my favorite shots from pond hockey, everyone in action! {The good looking guy all the way to the left is Chris :) }

A Beautiful Life ~ Active

Another Day Another Diaper ~ Active

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Another Day Another Diaper

{Next weeks Theme is Water}

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Wordless{ish} Monday ~ My new monster

We have been crafting up a storm around here {my dream come true} and Zeke wanted in on the action, so he picked a monster design and away we went!

Since then i have made two more {small} pillow sized monsters for both my little guys and they love them! I promise as soon as i can get ahold of them i will share pictures with you! On the craft to do list today, a new camera strap cover, {i really love mine but it's a little bulky and with warm weather eventually coming i want something a little lighter} diaper and wipes zipper bag, at least a couple more crochet headbands for friends and whatever else i can squeeze in my day! Wish me luck! Happy Wednesday everyone! Don't forget to come tomorrow for the second round of Theme Thursday! This weeks theme is Active!

{I am linking up today with the paper mama}

21 March 2011

Miscellany Monday

1. Today is my Birthday.
I am a very old 25!
{at least i feel that way..}
2. I just found this blog today

Seriously amazing girl, i already found more than a couple awesome crafty things i can't wait to make, like this glasses cozy, or this bag..

3. I love these kids :)

4. I GET MY NEW SHELVES IN MY CRAFT CLOSET!! Thank you very much Dad :) I'll have to take before and after pictures for you all so you can see what i am working with in there!

5. Theme Thursday, if you didn't join in yet there is still some time! Last weeks theme was JUMP, if you have a good JUMP photo to share make sure you go here to link up with us. This weeks theme is active. Should be a fun one! Can't wait to see what everyone has for this week, i am hoping for twice as many entries as last week! Can you help me out? ;)

6. Speaking of jumping, i just reserved a bouncy house for Zeke's birthday party! I have been searching online all morning trying to find something that wasn't going to cost me an arm and a leg! I figured since i was making so much of the stuff that i could splurge on this one thing! I found a place in TC (about an hr and a half from my house) and got regular bouncy castle for $120 and that is the overnight price, if you have it back by 6pm then it's only $95! How awesome is that? Since the party doesn't start until 4 though i thought it might be better to go with the overnight price!

7. I think i need to get some cleaning done so i am going to finish this cup of coffee and get to work!

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Another Day Another Diaper

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

16 March 2011

{The Very First}Theme Thursday

Welcome to the first ever Theme Thursday! Check out the rules here and make sure to head over to Nicole's blog, Another Day Another Diaper to see what she captured for this weeks theme, Jump. You can also check out the next few themes to be prepared!

So this was a tough week for us, we were all pretty sick and there weren't alot of "jump worthy" moments, so this was a last minute "get on the bed and jump boys!" kind of picture that did not turn out quite the way i had hoped, just a little blurry..... However we had a fun time and i even took a break from behind the camera to jump with my little munchkins!

A Beautiful Life ~ Jump

Another Day Another Diaper ~ Jump

Happy St. Pattys Day!

This week Nicole and I also decided to share a {green} photo to celebrate St. Patricks Day

(this is optional, feel free to share whatever you have or just stick with the jump theme, either way we are so happy you are here!)

A Beautiful Life ~ Green

Another Day Another Diaper ~ Green

Link up your photos and don't forget to grab our awesome button designed by Nicole :)

Another Day Another Diaper

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Wordless{ish} Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! It's been a busy but very good day around here, all this sunshine has me in a cleaning mood! The house is {mostly} spotless and the boys room is put in order (no small task!) Just a little more laundry to wash!
Hope you are all having a productive day! Make sure to come back tomorrow for Theme Thursday!

14 March 2011

Hockey Overload and getting ready for Theme Thursday!

{Click HERE to view the whole album on facebook}
Don't forget to check back Thursday for the first ever Theme Thursday! This weeks theme is Jump!

13 March 2011

Goodbye and Hello

Photoshoot Friday was so much fun while it lasted and i want to thank each and every one of you who shared your amazing photos with me! However, the response has really died down, which i understand, getting yourself in front of the camera every week is certainly easier said than done! So i have decided to call it quits, there are so many other great link ups out there so if you ever find yourself with a great picture you'd love to share, make sure to check them out! So we say goodbye Photoshoot Friday!

Oh but we still have the hello!

Say hello to Theme Thursday! My wonderful Friend Nicole over at Another Day Another Diaper and i got to talking about blogs and photos and linkys and all that jazz and she came up with this amazing idea to pick a theme and each share our interpretation of it, and to make it even more fun we decided to make it a linky party so that all of you can get in on the fun too! This will be our first week and i hope all of you will join in on the fun! Can't wait to see what you all have for us! You can link up here or over at Nicole's blog!

Another Day Another Diaper


This little boy is my pride and joy, he makes me smile everyday and i adore him! He is always on the go {and therefor a lot harder to get a good picture of!} I love this little man with all my heart!

I know it's March

But i forgot to post these....
Happy Valentines Day

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