31 March 2010

New Photos

These were from our walk in the woods a couple days ago. I have a few more up dates from our week but only one hand right now (sleepy baby) so i will post that later, but here are the pics as promised!

18 March 2010


Please note my awesome creativity skills in the title.

Anyways..... I just got back from a hike with all three of my favorite guys. Did i mention how much i love the trail behind my house? Because i really do! I took about a 100 pictures so you can all enjoy the experience with me, just add fresh air.

So the quiche i was talking about last time, very good! Chris even liked it, and while he's not a picky eater by any means he isn't always a fan of new recipes when i have plenty he knows he likes.. anyhow it was good and as it turns out i actually like asparagus, who knew? But even better than that was the soup i made last night! It was Sausage and Broccoli Rabe Soup, SO GOOD! please feel free to drool over the pictures....

15 March 2010

Once a week...


So here is my new goal for the year, i am going to make sure that i take and post a new picture of both boys at least once a week, it might seem easy but even remembering to do simple things sometimes seems to escape me so we'll just have to see! Here is this week's photo.

On another note i am also trying to make at least one "new" meal every week, even if its just a variation on something i usually make, anyone who knows me knows that i like to think i am a good cook, sometimes it comes through in my cooking, but mostly i just stick to the things i know how to make.. Tonight's challenge, Asparagus & Mushroom Quiche w/ Feta Cheese and a whole wheat tortilla crust... I'll let you know how it goes....

13 March 2010


It's been a couple months since i have been on here but i have an almost 3 yr old and an infant so can you blame me? Haha.. Things have been great around here, the boys are growing like weeds! Zeke will be 3 in just a couple months, and Ki is 5months old! Zeke is talking all the time and potty training like a pro =) He only wears pull-ups when he is sleeping other than that its undies all the way! He can read his name, and knows where MI is on a map. I happen to think he is the most amazing little boy ever. Ki is starting to sit up all by himself and eating all the time, we started rice cereal at 4months and i have since started making my own baby food, i am so excited about doing this, i really feel like if i had with Zeke maybe he wouldn't be so hooked on processed foods, maybe i am wrong but hey it doesn't hurt to try! Ki seems to love it, we haven't run into anything he doesn't like yet and so far he has had carrots, peas, squash, sweet potato, cauliflower, spinach, zucchini, avocado, banana, blueberries, pears, peaches, kale, summer squash, and last night he had spaghetti for the first time! needless to say he loved that too! Its been so much fun coming up with new recipes for him to try, and he has reached an age now where i feel he is ready to eat whatever we eat (with some limitations of course, i'm not feeding him pizza or anything!) all in all i think its going great! He is weighing in at 14lbs at his last check up and doing wonderfully!

As far as Chris and I we are doing good also, in case you were wondering =) We just got a new car which i am thrilled about! Chris had a "work" van for a while that was a hand-me-down from my dad, which we were so grateful to have but it really wasn't running all the great and leaking everywhere by the end there so we traded that in for a car which i happen to love! We went with a 4 door just in case something happens to my car, that way we can still get the kiddos from place to place easily.

The house is looking great, we have been all moved in for some time but there are alot of things that i wanted to do to really make the place ours, Chris painted the downstairs bathroom and it looks GREAT! no more uckey blue/green so that room is done, the kitchen is almost done being painted then all i need to do is find/make a curtain for the door to the garage. Up next is the upstairs bathroom then Zeke's room, then i think we are going to finish up the office and make it into a guest room. I have the curtains and a chair in there (here) so its starting to look alot better, and upstairs the family room is really coming together, today i plan to finish sewing up the curtains and pillow covers and get the ugly rug out then i just need to get a new one to replace that i think we will be done, i don't think we are going to paint up there.. so i need to hang pictures... wow i still have alot to do! I love it though!

okay i have a cranky baby calling, he cut his first tooth about a month ago and i think the second one is working its way through....

For Jenny

This is for my friend Jenny who after our discussion on receiving comments on our blogs (i get none she gets tons) left me a comment that read "here is your comment" So Jenny, here is your post.

Intense Debate Comments