25 January 2009

Taxes, Haircuts, and other "Fun" things...

Sitting in the big boy chair for his first real haircut.

Whoa! I have a cape and i can fly! (he is such a boy) Right side!
Reading a book while he gets the left side cut

It's been a while since have been on here, we've had quite the busy week! Which i must say, i love! C came home early a couple of times this week because they ran out of work to do, its a little selfish but i love when that happens! It just gives our week a little something extra fun! Tues. night i went out with a couple of friends to see Bride Wars, great movie i loved it! Then we went to Applebees for some dessert and girl talk. The rest of the week kinda went by in a blur... Fri. we were able to go get our taxes done, and at this point in our life that's actually a really good thing! We opted for the 1-2 day option for our return so we already have it. I was able to pay off 2 credit cards today!! (PRAISE GOD!) and as soon as the payments post i will be canceling them! I am really working on my spending issues..

Sat. was the real highlight though because we took Z for his first real big boy haircut! He has had 3 that i have done and 1 trim when i was getting my haircut. But this time he sat in the booster seat all by himself (most of the time) and did a great job! I couldn't have been more proud! (and relieved for that matter.. haha.. ) He looked a little funny at first, because he's had that long hair for a while now but the new look is starting to grow on us =) I'll post pics of it next time.

Other than that we have been taking a foundations class at our church and i am really learning alot, i have all this knowledge from going to church for so many years, but i don't always know how to apply it to my life. So that is one thing i need prayer for. I really want to get closer to God, i know i have LONG way to go, but i am looking forward to the journey.

12 January 2009

Christmas Again

This weekend we celebrated Christmas with C's mom and dad, and A & J. It was great! We don't see then nearly often enough, Z was so excited to see his Lola and Lolo walk in the door! When they tried to go out the car to get more stuff he started balling! I love how much he loves them! Everyone got here on Fri night and we opened presents, above are two of Z's when he opened the sponge bob toy he made that face (above) and said "Buddy!" it was too funny! He also got a basketball hoop he is pretty excited about.. But more importantly he got to spend some time with his Aunt and Uncle, when he was younger he would look at A who looks very much like C and start crying because he was confused, now he runs right to uncle A. Sat. we spent the day at the Hotel swimming in the pool (see below) which Z loved! I was worried that he would be unsure since its been awhile since he has been in the pool but he did great! He is a little swimming machine! I think we will try to make it to Gaylord once in a while to take him to the pool there, if you haven't been its perfect for kids his age! Whenever we make it i will try to get some pics.. Anyways we had a great weekend and now onto a great week!

Zeke and his Lola

07 January 2009

Snowy days yet again.....

I am about done with the snow now, true to my normal feelings... Love it in December HATE it in January.. You would think that we would be used to it but nope, it still seems awful and its only January! Oh well.. Z seems to love which i am thankful for, we were going for a walk earlier today and i told him it was snowing and he pointed up and said "snowing" too cute. Other new words are please & down.. and he has taken to singing the entire Sponge bob theme song all by himself! Its hilarious to watch because he only does when he doesn't think you are looking, and he will sing the whole thing, granted the only words you can understand are bob and i think i hear pineapple somewhere in there.. I just love to hear him sing =)

My friend B is going to be gone this Sat, last night was the last time i will get to see her, at least for a very long time.. I officially have no friends in Petoskey anymore.. That kinda makes me sad. I wish i could get C to move back to Charlevoix, i love it there almost as much as here, and in the summer we could actually go to the beach! not to mention that i actually have a couple of friends there! I guess we'll just have to wait and see.....

Wedding plans for my sister are going great, she doesn't seem to need me for much of anything which is actually okay with me.. She knows what she wants and opinions are not usually welcome! It is going to be amazing though, i can tell already.. I am just wondering what i am going to be looking like about that time.. I would love to have another baby, i am terrified of getting pregnant again but i don't know if we should wait long to try again.. I really would love to have my kids close together, but again i guess we will just have to wait and see!

Lets see what else is new... Z had a play date with his little buddy L today (the one this is only 2 days apart) which was great. Oh and we have had R's dog, Jonah for the past two days, cutest dog i have ever seen! We were watching him during the day, mostly so Z and R could play with him but also because i miss my dogs.. Hence the reason we have decided (maybe) to get a kitten. I think Z would love one and i would love to have a pet around again. I would rather have a dog but we can't have them here.. maybe someday when we buy a house!

05 January 2009

Game Night!!!

Did i mention how much my husband loves to have his picture taken?

This is the beginning of the game...

Mom and Dad
The Final Score.

A long long time ago, (okay a couple of years ago) we (C, my mom and dad and I) started a family tradition we like to call game night...

Unfortunately game night somehow turned into dinner and movie night somewhere along the line, but, we recently decided its about time to bring game night back, and so here we are! This week we played Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit (not all that fun it turns out....), and our ultimate favorite Cranium. You really would have to be there to know why we love this game so much, but if you witnessed my father rolling around on the floor trying to pretend to be a mermaid, you would love it too!

So we have decided to bring back the tradition, every other Friday night is family game night, any of you who want to join in (and are close enough to do so) are more than welcome! It is always a good time! hahah...
So as for us we are all doing great, Z is napping right now, hence the middle of the day blog.. This weekend should be fun, C's parents are coming up and his brother and his fiance are coming down. C's parents are staying at a hotel so we get to take Z swimming for the first time since summer, he was doing really good then so i am hoping he enjoys it, since a friend of ours moved into a place with a pool i am hoping that when we go visit he actually has fun! She has a little girl who is only 2 days younger (i think,, maybe older but i mean its two days!) than Z and we get together every once in a while so the kiddos can play and we can talk.. Play dates might be a little more frequent now that we are getting the "new" car on the road, i am something of a procrastinator so its taken me a while to get everything done but i plan to do it next week, then Z and i will be making weekly trips to Chx! As of now i plan to go every Thurs so i can take the kiddos to Story Hour at the library then we will spend the rest of the day with friends. I am really looking forward to it! So if you want to get together let me know!

02 January 2009

Happy New Year!

actually he was just tasting the snow... =)
Dec. 31, 2008

Eating a banana Jan. 1st, yes he slept in his clothes, he was too tired to be bothered with jammies....

Happy New Year Everyone! I can't believe that it is 2009! This was the first time in a long time that C and have done anything for New Years, and a first for Z! The year we got together with my family to celebrate and ring in the new year together. It was an absolute blast! Christmas Eve just went by so fast, no one got to the house until after 8 so there was only so much time we could spend together so i was very excited to see everyone again. We played games, ate, and generally just had a good time! Z was thrilled to be able to play with his cousins again, the wonder in his eyes when he see's them is just hilarious! My mom has a pic of the three of them that i will be sure to but on here when i get it. Z made it until about 11 then he walked into the kitchen looked at me and and asked to be picked up, so of course i did, after about 3 seconds my mom looked and him and informed me that he was already sound asleep. It was too cute, so i snuggled for a while while i talked to my sister in GR on the phone then i laid him down to sleep with his younger cousin, also absolutely adorable! It was a great night and i am grateful for my wonderful family! C is still laid off for the week so we are getting to spend lots of quality time together, he is only making me slightly crazy which is great! (he is a very restless person, so i wondered what how he would do being trapped in the house most of the week) But it has been great, and Z has never been happier! Not to mention that i have gotten in more reading than ever since i can just hang out while they play!

Oh and please do let me know what you think of the new look of my blog, i am trying some new stuff out.. =)

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