21 July 2009

Adventures in potty training.....

So we are officially kind of starting potty training =) We took Z to pick out a potty seat a couple nights ago and it has been very slow going since then, today was the first time we have had any progress! (yay!) for the most part he just wants to run around naked... silly goose...
Today though during a diaper change i asked him if he wanted to go potty and he said yes, so we went into the bathroom and he stripped down as he feels the need to do before he can go potty =), i have figured out that if i just sit at the door we do better otherwise he can escape where accidents are harder to clean up! He just walked around talking and playing in the bathroom for a while, singing a song that he made up (hilarious by the way) then he walked over to his potty and stood there "in position" and peed! It was so cool, i mean as far as aim goes hes got nothing, haha.. But the fact that he tried to pee in the potty was very exciting! I still don't think he will be potty trained before the baby comes but C seems to disagree so we'll just have to see!
Baby new, well he is growing that's for sure! He kicks all the time! Z did not move this much at all! I remember at least once a day i would be worried sick that there was something wrong because he moved so little at times! This new baby on the other hand leaves me no room for worry! I can't wait to see what its like when they get older! I am going to have my hands full that's for sure! I can't believe that we only have 3 months left! Time is just going by so fast! I have been working on my baby registry since some very good friends of mine are throwing me and another close friend who is also pregnant a shower, and i have already gone through everything i have of Z's, i was amazed at how much we needed! Z was a summer baby though so all we have for newborn through 3 months are onesies! not gonna work as an outfit for a winter baby! Also in the move we seem to have lost some stuff so that needs replacing, but one thing i am VERY excited about it our new changing table! My dad made it, so its already very special, but its also beautiful! Originally it was made for Z for his room but it ended up being a little bigger than i had planned on but i think God had a hand in this anyways =) We would have had to use the pack & play changing table, which worked great but if you know how small our apartment is there was no room for it without leaving almost no walking space! So this is our little blessing, i'll have to post pics so you can see why i am so excited!

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