05 November 2009

My Boys

So, i know i am terrible when it comes to updating the blog, but here it is, we are finally a family of four and i could not be happier! Baby H is the most amazing little baby and so incredibly adorable! Z is such a good big brother, he loves to sit on the couch and hold baby H while watching cartoons =)
The last few weeks have been very uneventful with the exception of a new baby! I went into labor on wed night, it was 9pm when i started having contractions.. I had been having plenty for the previous two weeks so i didn't really think anything of it (you know other than ouch these really hurt...) but when 5 am rolled around and i was still having them very consistently we decided it was time to call the doc, after making sure that they really were 5 mins apart we headed for the hospital, since it was 3 weeks before my due date the doc wanted to monitor me and make sure that this was really it, (in case i forgot to mention i had been in a few weeks before that for some pre-term labor that they were able to stop) at 10:30am they decided that i was in fact in labor (all i could think was really? you think?) lucky for me my doc just happened to be the one on call everything happened very fast after that and before you know it i could hear the cry of a very healthy baby boy!
Its been 4 weeks since baby H was born and we are all adjusting very well, he is growing at an amazing rate! (7lbs 10ozs at last checkup) right now he and C are snuggled on the couch asleep.. i love my family!

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