09 December 2009


This year we went to Muskegon for Thanksgiving and got to see the whole Johnson family, well most everyone anyways.. It was so much fun though, every year we go to C's parents house and spend it with them. This year it was time to change it up! It was so great to see family that i don't really get to spend time with, not to mention the great food and games. Z absolutely LOVED his Aunt H, they bonded over their "orbs of power" (don't ask you had to be there!) Z also enjoyed following his cousin around and watching his every move. While K had some great bonding time with another cousin who if she lived closer would be out permanent babysitter! She just did so great with him! All in all it was a great relaxing weekend that made the 5 hour car trip worth it! I look forward to seeing the family again for Christmas!

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