27 August 2009

My Little Painter

We found this amazing art easel at a yard sale this summer for one dollar =) until now its just been in Z's room with paper and crayons for anytime coloring.. This week though C went out and got Z his first set of paint brushes and paints, HE LOVES THEM! Its so fun to watch him create his little masterpieces! It won't be long before the whole house will be covered in paintings! I think i may frame one or two for his room... I haven't quite decided yet... I still need to get new frames to hang pictures from the last year! I may be a little behind on that... haha..
Things are going great around here, i have a baby shower this weekend, thrown by my wonderful friends, that i am very excited for! After that i get to really start getting the things we need! Its been very hard for me not to buy things! I have started getting Z's fall wardrobe together though, Ebay, Yard Sales, Friends.. Wherever i can find things at a good price! Its been easier in past seasons to just set aside the money but with our new little guy on the way we have to make sure we have enough for both so looks for bargains is a big deal this time around! As i guess it will be for the next oh 18 years or so... =)

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