03 October 2009

So many things so little time....

So its been a while since i have been on here and actually let you know what we have been up to, I may have mentioned that we moved =) We've been all unpacked and settled in for a couple weeks now and we absolutely love it here! The new house is great, we have so much space!! (look for pics soon) Just a few more things to take care of, (rugs, curtains, bookcase, T.V.) but after that we will be set! Z is loving his new room, he's actually up there playing right now! I have never met such a great kid, he plays by himself so well, i really think that's going to help when H gets here!
Speaking of which, we only have 17 days left! I can't believe this last 9 months has gone by so fast!! Its been great for the most part but now i am tired and ready to be done! I really try not to be a complainer but each day that gets a little more difficult! H is sitting so low that i can hardly walk some days, this morning i sat down on the wood floor and i couldn't get up! That was not fun!! haha.. We have everything we need for H though which is a huge blessing, just a couple of last minute things to pick up! I am so incredibly nervous though! I have been through a c-section before but this time i am worried about Z, its so hard to pick him up now, i always give in and do it and then end up paying for later... i don't think that's gonna happen though after surgery! i mean i am going to try not to! thankfully i am blessed to have C here with me for a full 9 days after i get home from the hospital and then my mom will be here for a full day and then after work for the rest of the 2nd week. Surgery is set for October 20th, so if you want to come see us we will be there until the 24th, i have already talked to the Doc and we will be there until about 4:30 - 5 on Friday, that way C can still work and come pick me up. I would just rather go home with him =)
So as far as what we have been up to.. not much! Mom and i made salsa yesterday, I'm not sure if its as good as last year but its still yummy! It was a full day but i am so glad we got to do it! I am so thankful for my mother, she is probably the most amazing woman i know! Today as long as it doesn't start raining again, we are taking Z to Bills for the hayride and to pick out pumpkins! He is going to love it! We can't go anywhere that sells pumpkins w/o coming home with one! (they are all small though so this time he gets to pick out a big one!) I am going to see how i am feeling once 2 comes around, and if its good i will be going on the hayride with Z and C! I just want to see how much fun he has! So wish me luck!

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Jennifer Ross said...

You're one brave woman! You couldn't pay me enough money to go on a hayride! LOL

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