11 September 2009

So where to start.. how about WE ARE MOVING!! I am so incredibly excited about this, it was all God there is no other way to explain it, Monday (yes as in 4 days ago) we were on our way to a Labor Day get together (which was awesome by the way, i played horseshoes! not even remotely well but i played!) anyways, on the way there we just happened to drive by a house with a FOR RENT sign out front, i don't know why this one caught my attention, and it was the sign not the house that i saw first, so Chris called and talked to the owners and that afternoon we were able to look at it! Its an adorable little house, not huge by any means but so much better than what we have here, and only $20 more a month! Anyways after talking with the owners for a while we decided we would love to rent the place and the next morning they called and said they would love to have us live there! They are just the sweetest couple and are going to make the best Landlords! Oh and the fun part, since they know that we are expecting (AHHH ONLY 5 MORE WEEKS!!!) they are letting us move in THIS WEEKEND! We made a deal where we are paying half a months rent for September and they are delaying the security deposit until the first of October! I Can't believe it is all happening so fast!! I am surrounded by boxes and my house looks like a tornado has come through here! But that's only for one more day! We have so many friends that have offered to help we are going to be able to get this all done in one day! talk about blessed! Monday will be all about cleaning (yuck.) and Tuesday we will start unpacking and have our first night in the new house!! I promise lots of pics as soon as we get in there!
Other than that things have been pretty good around here, i had some contractions a little over a week ago so they (the Doc) sent me over the the hospital so they could monitor me and decide what to do, fortunately they were pretty far apart and i was only dilated to 1 cm so they gave me shot to relax my uterus and monitored me for a while longer then sent me home. So far i no more other than some braxton hicks which i can handle!
I have almost everything we need for the new little guy, just one more order to place and my mom is buying the swing and we will be set!
Okay i am off now to pick up the keys for our new house!

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