13 February 2011

Blogging Fail.

Ack.. i suck

I have been so insanely busy lately that i actually forgot it was Friday until someone pointed it out to me... so if you noticed the lack of photo shoot Friday that is why! I thought i would just do it later that night when Kiah started throwing up, fortunately it was only a couple times and after a good nights sleep he seemed to be fine. Then Sat morning Zeke started only ALOT more.. poor kiddo.. Now that he is better Chris is sick... its been a long couple of days and my house is a wreck and i am exhausted! So the very last thing on my to do list was blogging! Things should be closer to normal tomorrow, just in time for valentines day right? haha Hope you all had a better weekend than mine! Save those photos for next weeks photoshoot Friday which WILL be up!

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