02 February 2011

I want this.

I may or not have mentioned to you that last summer i lost my engagement ring to the bottom of lake Michigan... It was kind of my own stupid fault so for the past several months i have only had my wedding band.. Not that i don't love it, because i do.. kind of.. See when we got married Chris insisted on getting gold bands, that was what his parents had and that was what he wanted, and since i love him so much i gave in, despite my utter hatred of gold... Well funny story, turns out Chris is allergic to gold.. Did you laugh yet? It gets better, he had to stop wearing his first ring {yes you heard me FIRST} because it gave him an awful rash then he lost his second one, and his third... So.. Obviously it is my turn, right? We have talked about me getting new rings for a while now and i have been looking at what i want without breaking the bank, and this is it. well them rather... I am trading in my wedding band and the price will come off of these so my new set will actually be cheaper than the original one and it won't be gold! Of course this time around i won't stupidly lose it either! Aren't they pretty?

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