02 February 2011

A not so wordless Wednesday...

I have been awesome lately..
just sayin..

Yesterday i FINALLY got the end tables {that i picked up at a garage sale this summer} upstairs! I have been holding out for Chris to stain them but that doesn't seem to be working out for me and i was so ready to have a pair of matching end tables that i figured i might as well just take them as they are! So i did *smiles*

I also got all the baby blankets and burp cloths and whatnot out of the changing table in my room {my dad made it as a shelf for the boys but it turned out a little bigger than planned but worked perfectly as a changing table for Ki and now a bookshelf for me! I don't actually have a bookcase downstairs, i have a closest in the office that just happens to have some shelf's in it that work for books. So i took all the overflow upstairs, which was quite a bit because i have alot of books! I love reading more than any other hobby, i love getting lost in a whole different world, not that i don't love my world because i do! There is just something so relaxing about sitting in a quiet room with a good book and a cup of coffee!

Oh and i finally got some wall art hung up in our room {about 15mins ago!} that i made this morning... It's been over a year but our room is finally starting to come together! yay!

Husband went back to work today, he has been home since i want to say November? Lay offs are kind of part of the deal when you are a painter but we have gotten used to it by now and learned to adjust our lives to make it work. I missed him so much this morning though! Fortunately it was a half day today so he is home now but tomorrow will be a full day and i know i am going to miss having him around like crazy! We also put our car in the garage for the winter so we are down to one vehicle and that is what he is driving to work so i will be stuck at home for a while... not thrilled about that but what can i do? Once more of the snow starts to melt and spring is closer we will put the insurance back on it and i will have my car again! Happy day!

So i know i told you all about my awesome weekend with my mom and sister and since i am always a little behind on everything, here are a couple pictures from bowling :)

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