09 February 2011

Today ~ Wordless{ish} Wednesday

Is a sewing day.. :) So far this morning i have whipped up 2 camera strap covers for a couple great friends and 2 diaper & wipe cases for the etsy shop.. So much more to do! On another fun note we finished the quilt from the baby shower, and it is more amazing than i could have ever imagined!

Do you like?


{The individual squares, each person made their own from things we supplied}

{The cake. (that took me two days to make and for the record i had frosting all the way up to my elbows at one point.. good times) Lemon cake with a raspberry filling and cream cheese frosting}

{ Name tags, made by my dear friend Jody}


Trish said...

My best friend is soooooooo (8 Os) awesome. =)

Jennifer Ross said...

First, I really want to tell you how nice it was to read your comments. Even though we don't spend very much time together, you are a wonderful friend and I love you for who you are. ((hugs))

I checked out all of those pics and I have to agree with Trish, You're soooooooo awesome! lol That cake looks so good..... kind of like that red velvet cake you made. ;) hehehe

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