02 January 2009

Happy New Year!

actually he was just tasting the snow... =)
Dec. 31, 2008

Eating a banana Jan. 1st, yes he slept in his clothes, he was too tired to be bothered with jammies....

Happy New Year Everyone! I can't believe that it is 2009! This was the first time in a long time that C and have done anything for New Years, and a first for Z! The year we got together with my family to celebrate and ring in the new year together. It was an absolute blast! Christmas Eve just went by so fast, no one got to the house until after 8 so there was only so much time we could spend together so i was very excited to see everyone again. We played games, ate, and generally just had a good time! Z was thrilled to be able to play with his cousins again, the wonder in his eyes when he see's them is just hilarious! My mom has a pic of the three of them that i will be sure to but on here when i get it. Z made it until about 11 then he walked into the kitchen looked at me and and asked to be picked up, so of course i did, after about 3 seconds my mom looked and him and informed me that he was already sound asleep. It was too cute, so i snuggled for a while while i talked to my sister in GR on the phone then i laid him down to sleep with his younger cousin, also absolutely adorable! It was a great night and i am grateful for my wonderful family! C is still laid off for the week so we are getting to spend lots of quality time together, he is only making me slightly crazy which is great! (he is a very restless person, so i wondered what how he would do being trapped in the house most of the week) But it has been great, and Z has never been happier! Not to mention that i have gotten in more reading than ever since i can just hang out while they play!

Oh and please do let me know what you think of the new look of my blog, i am trying some new stuff out.. =)

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