25 January 2009

Taxes, Haircuts, and other "Fun" things...

Sitting in the big boy chair for his first real haircut.

Whoa! I have a cape and i can fly! (he is such a boy) Right side!
Reading a book while he gets the left side cut

It's been a while since have been on here, we've had quite the busy week! Which i must say, i love! C came home early a couple of times this week because they ran out of work to do, its a little selfish but i love when that happens! It just gives our week a little something extra fun! Tues. night i went out with a couple of friends to see Bride Wars, great movie i loved it! Then we went to Applebees for some dessert and girl talk. The rest of the week kinda went by in a blur... Fri. we were able to go get our taxes done, and at this point in our life that's actually a really good thing! We opted for the 1-2 day option for our return so we already have it. I was able to pay off 2 credit cards today!! (PRAISE GOD!) and as soon as the payments post i will be canceling them! I am really working on my spending issues..

Sat. was the real highlight though because we took Z for his first real big boy haircut! He has had 3 that i have done and 1 trim when i was getting my haircut. But this time he sat in the booster seat all by himself (most of the time) and did a great job! I couldn't have been more proud! (and relieved for that matter.. haha.. ) He looked a little funny at first, because he's had that long hair for a while now but the new look is starting to grow on us =) I'll post pics of it next time.

Other than that we have been taking a foundations class at our church and i am really learning alot, i have all this knowledge from going to church for so many years, but i don't always know how to apply it to my life. So that is one thing i need prayer for. I really want to get closer to God, i know i have LONG way to go, but i am looking forward to the journey.

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