07 January 2009

Snowy days yet again.....

I am about done with the snow now, true to my normal feelings... Love it in December HATE it in January.. You would think that we would be used to it but nope, it still seems awful and its only January! Oh well.. Z seems to love which i am thankful for, we were going for a walk earlier today and i told him it was snowing and he pointed up and said "snowing" too cute. Other new words are please & down.. and he has taken to singing the entire Sponge bob theme song all by himself! Its hilarious to watch because he only does when he doesn't think you are looking, and he will sing the whole thing, granted the only words you can understand are bob and i think i hear pineapple somewhere in there.. I just love to hear him sing =)

My friend B is going to be gone this Sat, last night was the last time i will get to see her, at least for a very long time.. I officially have no friends in Petoskey anymore.. That kinda makes me sad. I wish i could get C to move back to Charlevoix, i love it there almost as much as here, and in the summer we could actually go to the beach! not to mention that i actually have a couple of friends there! I guess we'll just have to wait and see.....

Wedding plans for my sister are going great, she doesn't seem to need me for much of anything which is actually okay with me.. She knows what she wants and opinions are not usually welcome! It is going to be amazing though, i can tell already.. I am just wondering what i am going to be looking like about that time.. I would love to have another baby, i am terrified of getting pregnant again but i don't know if we should wait long to try again.. I really would love to have my kids close together, but again i guess we will just have to wait and see!

Lets see what else is new... Z had a play date with his little buddy L today (the one this is only 2 days apart) which was great. Oh and we have had R's dog, Jonah for the past two days, cutest dog i have ever seen! We were watching him during the day, mostly so Z and R could play with him but also because i miss my dogs.. Hence the reason we have decided (maybe) to get a kitten. I think Z would love one and i would love to have a pet around again. I would rather have a dog but we can't have them here.. maybe someday when we buy a house!

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