05 January 2009

Game Night!!!

Did i mention how much my husband loves to have his picture taken?

This is the beginning of the game...

Mom and Dad
The Final Score.

A long long time ago, (okay a couple of years ago) we (C, my mom and dad and I) started a family tradition we like to call game night...

Unfortunately game night somehow turned into dinner and movie night somewhere along the line, but, we recently decided its about time to bring game night back, and so here we are! This week we played Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit (not all that fun it turns out....), and our ultimate favorite Cranium. You really would have to be there to know why we love this game so much, but if you witnessed my father rolling around on the floor trying to pretend to be a mermaid, you would love it too!

So we have decided to bring back the tradition, every other Friday night is family game night, any of you who want to join in (and are close enough to do so) are more than welcome! It is always a good time! hahah...
So as for us we are all doing great, Z is napping right now, hence the middle of the day blog.. This weekend should be fun, C's parents are coming up and his brother and his fiance are coming down. C's parents are staying at a hotel so we get to take Z swimming for the first time since summer, he was doing really good then so i am hoping he enjoys it, since a friend of ours moved into a place with a pool i am hoping that when we go visit he actually has fun! She has a little girl who is only 2 days younger (i think,, maybe older but i mean its two days!) than Z and we get together every once in a while so the kiddos can play and we can talk.. Play dates might be a little more frequent now that we are getting the "new" car on the road, i am something of a procrastinator so its taken me a while to get everything done but i plan to do it next week, then Z and i will be making weekly trips to Chx! As of now i plan to go every Thurs so i can take the kiddos to Story Hour at the library then we will spend the rest of the day with friends. I am really looking forward to it! So if you want to get together let me know!

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