12 January 2009

Christmas Again

This weekend we celebrated Christmas with C's mom and dad, and A & J. It was great! We don't see then nearly often enough, Z was so excited to see his Lola and Lolo walk in the door! When they tried to go out the car to get more stuff he started balling! I love how much he loves them! Everyone got here on Fri night and we opened presents, above are two of Z's when he opened the sponge bob toy he made that face (above) and said "Buddy!" it was too funny! He also got a basketball hoop he is pretty excited about.. But more importantly he got to spend some time with his Aunt and Uncle, when he was younger he would look at A who looks very much like C and start crying because he was confused, now he runs right to uncle A. Sat. we spent the day at the Hotel swimming in the pool (see below) which Z loved! I was worried that he would be unsure since its been awhile since he has been in the pool but he did great! He is a little swimming machine! I think we will try to make it to Gaylord once in a while to take him to the pool there, if you haven't been its perfect for kids his age! Whenever we make it i will try to get some pics.. Anyways we had a great weekend and now onto a great week!

Zeke and his Lola

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Sheri said...

Looks like Zeke is a water baby! How fun! We'll have to remember that if we ever go to Gaylord (and we haven't yet, but you never know)...

Hope you guys had fun with your lunch dates!

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