23 March 2011

Wordless{ish} Monday ~ My new monster

We have been crafting up a storm around here {my dream come true} and Zeke wanted in on the action, so he picked a monster design and away we went!

Since then i have made two more {small} pillow sized monsters for both my little guys and they love them! I promise as soon as i can get ahold of them i will share pictures with you! On the craft to do list today, a new camera strap cover, {i really love mine but it's a little bulky and with warm weather eventually coming i want something a little lighter} diaper and wipes zipper bag, at least a couple more crochet headbands for friends and whatever else i can squeeze in my day! Wish me luck! Happy Wednesday everyone! Don't forget to come tomorrow for the second round of Theme Thursday! This weeks theme is Active!

{I am linking up today with the paper mama}

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