21 March 2011

Miscellany Monday

1. Today is my Birthday.
I am a very old 25!
{at least i feel that way..}
2. I just found this blog today

Seriously amazing girl, i already found more than a couple awesome crafty things i can't wait to make, like this glasses cozy, or this bag..

3. I love these kids :)

4. I GET MY NEW SHELVES IN MY CRAFT CLOSET!! Thank you very much Dad :) I'll have to take before and after pictures for you all so you can see what i am working with in there!

5. Theme Thursday, if you didn't join in yet there is still some time! Last weeks theme was JUMP, if you have a good JUMP photo to share make sure you go here to link up with us. This weeks theme is active. Should be a fun one! Can't wait to see what everyone has for this week, i am hoping for twice as many entries as last week! Can you help me out? ;)

6. Speaking of jumping, i just reserved a bouncy house for Zeke's birthday party! I have been searching online all morning trying to find something that wasn't going to cost me an arm and a leg! I figured since i was making so much of the stuff that i could splurge on this one thing! I found a place in TC (about an hr and a half from my house) and got regular bouncy castle for $120 and that is the overnight price, if you have it back by 6pm then it's only $95! How awesome is that? Since the party doesn't start until 4 though i thought it might be better to go with the overnight price!

7. I think i need to get some cleaning done so i am going to finish this cup of coffee and get to work!

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