29 March 2011

Busy Weekend, Miscellany Monday & A Black Eye.....

1. BUSY busy busy! In case you hadn't noticed, i haven't posted since Thursday {Theme Thursday} Friday we headed downstate to Chris's parents house, they have been in Florida since October and very much missed! (this is where i brag that i have the best in-laws ever, because i do :) After a fun filled weekend with family and taking millions of pictures Chris & I headed home Sunday afternoon and left the boys with their Grandparents until Wednesday, and the last couple of days have been an amazing blur of "us time" *wink wink*

2. We almost fell thru the ice, Got charged by a bull and fell on a manure covered rock.

However, we got some really amazing photos that i can't wait to share with you! {i just need a little time to edit first!}

3. Zippers! I love thrifting, seriously always a fun time for me! Yesterday Chris & I did a little thrift store shopping and i found a nice little stash of zippers! I just figured out the "art" of sewing a zippered bag and now i am in love. I can't wait to make a whole bunch of them!

4. Which brings me to my fabric labels! See Kate Sew shared this post and i was inspired! A Beautiful Life {The Shop} has been a work in progress for a while now and i have been slowly adding things to list, i am taking a little hiatus until these guys come in the mail though so i can add my label to things! So excited!

5. Baby got a black eye... Kiah took his first tumble down the stairs and got this sucker right here...

6. It's already Tuesday which means Theme Thursday is only two days away! This weeks theme was Active and there is one more day left to link up then the new theme starts! Make sure to come back and share your capture, the theme this this week is Water.

Despite what day it is i am linking up with

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

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