13 March 2011

Goodbye and Hello

Photoshoot Friday was so much fun while it lasted and i want to thank each and every one of you who shared your amazing photos with me! However, the response has really died down, which i understand, getting yourself in front of the camera every week is certainly easier said than done! So i have decided to call it quits, there are so many other great link ups out there so if you ever find yourself with a great picture you'd love to share, make sure to check them out! So we say goodbye Photoshoot Friday!

Oh but we still have the hello!

Say hello to Theme Thursday! My wonderful Friend Nicole over at Another Day Another Diaper and i got to talking about blogs and photos and linkys and all that jazz and she came up with this amazing idea to pick a theme and each share our interpretation of it, and to make it even more fun we decided to make it a linky party so that all of you can get in on the fun too! This will be our first week and i hope all of you will join in on the fun! Can't wait to see what you all have for us! You can link up here or over at Nicole's blog!

Another Day Another Diaper

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