10 June 2009

Two Months...

Hangin out with daddy

Happy Kid =)

Zeke & a friend at a birthday party

Zeke & Max taking a walk in the field
I didn't realize it had been so long since i was on here so i will do a quick catch up of the past two months before i forget again =)
I am 5 months pregnant now, and we found out last Friday that we are going to have another boy! I am so excited for Z to have a little brother, now if we could just agree on a name for the little guy we would be doing much better!
Z is doing amazing, he is growing everyday and soaking in everything he See's and hears like a sponge, his language skills are really starting to come around and its so much fun to listen to the stories he tells us.. He seems to know that there is a baby in Mommy's belly and he will say baby brother, but other than that seems more interested in the real babies that he can see. I was watching a friends little girl (she is 3 months old) and Z just wanted to lay on the floor next to her and talk to her. It was adorable, however as soon as i got the camera out he jumped up and ran away.. silly kid.. He has a new love, matchbox cars, the kid just can't get enough of them! When he wakes up in the morning i get a "good morning" and a "Hi momma" but then the next word that comes out of his mouth is almost ALWAYS "cars"!! So topping his list of things he loves is Hockey, but cars run a close second! He also loves Veggie tales now, which is so much better than Spongebob! And we have cut down t.v time to about 20-30mins a day. although some days we manage to get by just fine without any! Especially since the weather FINALLY seems to be warming up! THANK GOD! I was really starting to believe that summer would just opt not to come this year!

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