24 June 2009

Putting money in the piggy bank...
Throwing rocks in the garden at Charlevoix Library

Riding his first 4-wheeler

I only have a couple moments here but i thought i would put up a couple more pics of Z.. This summer is going to be busy busy busy! This past weekend we got a new pool and we have been outside swimming in it everyday! I really was starting to think for a while there that summer jut might not come this year.. i guess i have been proven wrong! Aside from our everyday pool time, we have been going to story hour here in Petoskey and in Charlevoix.. We are starting to attend a new playgroup on fridays, I'll let you know how that goes! And we are trying to squeeze in playdates in between!

On top of all that we have special events of all kinds! Now that Z has reached an age where he is really starting to be more interested in different things i want him to be able to do it all! This past weekend we went to Big Ticket Festival and Z had an amazing time! I have pics to upload that go with the story so i will save that, but he had alot of firsts that day! We also have A & J's wedding the weekend after this, and this weekend we are going to the circus! (yay!) Also we have plans to take Z to the movies to see "Ice Age, Dawn of the Dinosaur" he has seen the previews and seems to be really excited, but again, we'll see how that goes! Okay i had better get some more stuff done before he wakes up then we are off to run around town! I'm kinda wishing the air in our car worked......

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