25 June 2009

Big Ticket Festival

This could possibly be my favorite picture ever....


So i mentioned yesterday that we went to the Big Ticket Festival this past weekend, it was amazing! It was the first time i had ever gone so i was excited anyways, but it ended up being more fun than i had anticipated! We started out the morning watching a play that my parents were in, Z stayed with me through the whole thing and did great! After that we went out to the kids area and checked out the petting zoo (see above) and the bouncy houses both of which he LOVED! i had to bribe him out of the bouncy house the second time with tic tacs 'cause there was no way he was coming out on him own! (and lets face it with this baby belly i have going there was no way i was going in!) We also took him to get his first balloon animal, which he loved.. (okay for the record there was nothing that he did not love that day =) We watched a couple of kids concerts which really got Z moving, hilarious dancer that kiddo.. We even managed to get a nap in after all of that! The highlight of the night for me though (aside from when C got out of work and met us there) was seeing Third Day, possibly my favorite Christian band.. They didn't get there until about 5 minutes before the show was supposed to start but they still made it! Z had a blast at his first concert and was fascinated watching it all, after about 40 minutes though he was sound asleep in my lap =) It was an awesome night! Thanks mom and dad for getting us in!

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