27 June 2009

Adventures in a big boy bed.....

So last night i got the great idea that we should start trying to get Z to sleep in a big boy bed, the idea actually came a couple weeks ago when i was talking to a friend and it hit me, i can't lift Z for 6 weeks after the baby is born! Since Z is still in his crib that kind of poses a dilemma for me! So its either get him in the bed now, or just lift him anyways... i am definitely leaning towards the bed as you can tell.
So, this morning C's alarm went off and he wasn't there to get it, so i went to Z's room and found then just like this, i laughed a little then ran back to get the camera.. needless to say the first night did not go well since C never even left the room! we'll see how it goes from here.....

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