10 November 2008

Oh how time flies...

This is a pic from our hayride which i promise to write all about tomorrow!

I feel like it has been forever since i have had a chance to get on here... Time really does fly.. (and i am having fun =) We all got sick, again, some kind of stomach bug.. i would not wish that on anyone,, it was awful enough for me but i felt even worse for Z.. Poor kiddo.. But we are all better now!! Gearing up for the holiday season!! YAY! I am the BIGGEST fan of Christmas!! I look forward to it all year! Maybe even more than summer which is really saying something because i do love summer! I can't believe we already have snow on the ground.. It always makes me so excited! At the same time i am nervous because that also means a whole lot of time inside with the kiddos.. at least this year we can go out, even if just for short periods of time... I am looking forward to taking the kids sledding down the hill and teaching them how to make snowmen! And i am resisting every urge to get my Christmas decorations out,, which is not easy when i see the snow.. But i have a tradition that i like to keep,, the day after Thanksgiving we always go and get our tree then i decorate it.. I think when Z gets old enough that he would be able to help that i will have to get him his own tree to decorate,,, ha ha,, i am just too picky for my own good... it only took C a couple of years before he figured out i would rather do it all on my own...

But before all the wonderfulness of Christmas, we have Thanksgiving! I really feel that it should be all about the big family get together but this year we are doing it here, and it will just be us and C's parents.. not all that exciting but i am grateful for the family that we can be with. The next day though, we will be headed up for the sault to visit with A & J (my brother in law and his fiance). Oh on a side note, no more Mexico trip for us =( A & J decided to get married here instead, because her father couldn't make the trip.. Which from a financial standpoint its a relief but at the same time i am still bummed.. Okay, i had better get some reading time in before the kiddos get up from naps and the chaos starts all over again! But i will be back tomorrow.. i always forget how much i enjoy this until i get back to it!

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