18 November 2008

Here Comes the Snow!

The Snow is officially here!!! And we are having the time of our lives!! Z and R and I have been outside sledding for the past two days, and could not be having more fun! These two love the snow! The little hill outside our house it turning out to be one of the best things about this place, in the spring and summer when Z was too small to listen it kept him from going too far away and now that winter is here it is proving to be the perfect sledding hill for the kiddos! It's just the right height that they can climb all the way up and slide down all on their own.. However we only have one sled so that is on the list of things we need now, i would like to have a couple more so that when we have play dates everyone can sled, I also need to find some snow pants for Z, he has been going out in jeans the past two days i just have to limit the time we are out there and change his pants as soon as we get inside! Its still worth it though! And nap time seems to be lasting a little longer too! Other than the snow fun we have been having there are no other updates.. Z has his 18month checkup this week which i am not looking forward to.. But other than that we are just having fun!

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