12 November 2008

Hayride at Bills

I guess you could call this a belated blog.. =) We took Z on his first ever hayride last month!! It was so much fun! We Got there just in time to hop on the wagon and i expected Z to run around like a mad man but he was so good! He sat on mine and C's laps through almost the whole thing and he kept looking around checking out the beautiful scenery, and it was beautiful! We even got to stop and see some cows which Z loved! When we got back to the farmers market Z got to pick out a pumpkin and have some apple cider. He loved it there, actually we all did.. It was just so much fun for something so simple. I think it will be a yearly tradition now! I only ever went a couple of times as a kid that i remember anyways. Check back soon for more on our adventures!

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