01 November 2010

Manic Weekend

We had such a great weekend! We started Saturday with plans to go to our Churches fall party which i hear was amazing but we skipped because the boys woke up with coughs and decided an all day outing wasn't the way to go... but after nap time we headed over to my parents house for our annual fall family get together which is always a great time! We started with an outing to the corn maze where Zeke had a blast running through the rows of corn stalks with his cousin. Then we all broke through to check out the cows and feed them some corn. (a cow actually licked my hand.. so weird!)
Then we went back to the house and had dinner, when we all get together we each make a soup and fresh bread. So yummy! After dinner the kids played some acorn squash bowling and dug through a bin of corn for candy. We had plans for pumpkin painting and making orange rice crispy treats but we were so busy having fun we never really got around to it! Still all in all it was a great time! I love getting together with my family, and i look forward to Thanksgiving so we can do it again!
{aside from my grumpy husband i really love this picture}

{feeding corn to the cows}

{still feeding the cows}

{Zeke had a blast feeding the cows, they were coming right up to him}

{Zeke & Daddy in the corn maze}

{Acorn Squash bowling}

{Candy hunt in the corn}

{Don't be fooled that smile had nothing to do with the candy, he just loved digging around in the corn!}
{I think they got it all}

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