04 November 2010

Before & After ~ Henry William Johnson



Every week i watch my husbands cousin's little boy, This is Henry {ago 4months}. His Mom asked me to snap a couple pictures of him with one of the MANY pumpkins we have. (Zeke is something of a pumpkin fanatic so every trip to the farmers market resulted in the purchase of yet another pumpkin..)
Being me i couldn't very well just take a couple pictures and call it good... i kind of went a little crazy and set up a little "stage" in my living room and snapped away!
This kid is so amazingly sweet and such a joy to have around our house. He has possibly the most adorable smile i have ever seen (you know aside from my two perfect children ;)
He smiles with more than just his mouth, this little boy smiles with his whole face! I love it! However i didn't get alot of good shots of that because he had just woken up so my timing wasn't the best... we will try again for some Christmas shots soon though!
Here are a couple more edited shots...

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