05 October 2010

The Paper Camera ~ Touch up Tuesday



EDIT #2 After running noiseware {Thanks Ashley Sisk!} Better?

These are my good friends Matt & Chelsea who are expecting their third baby and are finding out TODAY what they are having, i am anxiously waiting for my phone call!! {IT'S A GIRL!!!}

About the edit, Okay first of all, i know this this is not great, however the picture was taken at dusk on a whim with my not so awesome {broken} camera and i have ALOT to learn.. We actually go together to have dinner {See Manic Monday for more photo's} and we were talking belly pictures and how she hadn't taken any yet... The good news is that i am currently saving up for my new camera {I am planning on going with the Nikon D3000, if you have any suggestions please do share!} and i should have it before she has her new little one so i should be able to do a redo, of course it will be winter so none of the beautiful autumn trees.. Oh well..

Anyhow, i hope you like it! Please feel free to share any comments or suggestions with me! Thanks for stopping by, come back anytime!! :)

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Katie said...

I think for having a broken camera, this is pretty good! What editor do you have? I really like Picnik for quick fixes - I love that it can fix exposure!

I have a Nikon D3000 and I really like it! Just know that there is no large screen view - you have to look through the viewfinder! I wasn't expecting that when I got it. And I found Amazon to have the lowest price when I bought mine. Oh - and it does not come with a memory card - I learned that the hard way...not something I was thinking about when I ordered my camera! :)

Ashley Sisk said...

Great way to brighten it up - just needs a little noiseware. Go to my camera bag on my blog and look at the free noiseware. That'll really clean it up nice.:)

Jennifer said...

Thanks Katie i will keep that in mind!
Ashley i just downloaded it and i will give it a try right now! Thanks ladies!

Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

Lovely photo! I really need to get the noiseware deal. I'm going to have to check it out. I tend to have a lot of noise.

The edit is great!

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