06 October 2010

Wordless{ish} Wednesday ~ Playdate, Picnic & Playground

This morning Nicole from Another Day Another Diaper and I got together with the kiddos for a little play date/mommy chat time. These are my favorite days, by the time we get home from our get togethers, whatever they may be, the kids are all exhausted (Zeke & Lorelei keep each other very entertained and in case you didn't know they are only 2 days apart, how fun is that?) and are beyond ready for naps. Which means momma has time to do whatever she wants, and while this momma knows that laundry REALLY should be at the top of that list...... it's just not... There's always tomorrow right? ;) Here are a few shots from our play date this afternoon....

The Paper Mama


Remaking Memories said...

What great pictures - adorable little ones!! I signed up for your blog hop and am now a follower. Please stop by my site and be sure to sign up for my Fall giveaway.


Mommy Elephant Sarah said...

Wow it is SO beautiful there. Love the climbing up the steps picture and the waterfall picture.

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