05 October 2010

Manic Monday ~ From a Sunday

So it's not that Monday in it itself was all that bad i just never got a chance to take the camera out, we had Preschool in the morning which was a blast, i really think we are starting to get the hang of this whole lesson plan thing! We focused on A,B, & C and Nicole brought blue construction paper for each kiddo and an airplane with the letter A on it, a bird with the letter B, and a cloud in the shape of the letter C. The kiddos all got to glue (this is a group that loves their glue) their objects/letters on the paper while we talked about them. We also colored the letters and the kids practiced writing them as well as the letters from their own names. Our not so coordinated project came from the case family house (that's us in case you didn't know ;) We made binoculars. I had done this with the kiddos a while ago but kind of forgot how we went about it so i didn't do the best job showing everyone else... oops.. oh well the kids had a great time and loved every project! As i mentioned before i didn't get a chance to take any pictures so keep an eye out for some over at Another Day Another Diaper.

After Preschool we had a pretty lazy day, we came home had lunch and took naps.. It was great :)

Since i have no pictures for you from yesterday i am going to skip back to Sundays when we went over to a friends house and had dinner & a campfire complete with marshmallows!

{I didn't know he was doing this until after i had uploaded the pictures and just thought it was too funny not to share}

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Nicole said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time and I love those pictures. By the way, the binoculars were awesome and the kids loved them!

Mommy Elephant Sarah said...

I saw those preschool pictures on your friends page, and it looked like a success.

Man look at those trees!! SO beautiful! They just scream fall! :D

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